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You ready to be your own

healer, medicine woman & greatest influencer?

Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

I am super excited to support you in your journey of embodying your innate wisdom and magical self.

We focus on all things related to the innate superpowers of you and your inner healer. Your inner healer knows everything that you need to activate your natural medicine and unlock your full potential. 

If you are being called to work 1:1 with me to deepen your connection with yourself and have empowering influence in what goes on inside your body and outside in your life, then my Coaching or Mentoring offers might be perfect for you. You may have worked with me in my workshops or programs and want more 1:1 support, or this may be your first contact with me, either way is ok. If you are invested in showing up for yourself and doing the work, I am here for you. 1:1 Coaching is offered in programs of 6 or 12 sessions where we dive into specific issues and outcomes for you, whereas 1:1 Mentoring is more of a long-term option where you might like to work with me for a longer period of time. 

Have a read, get in touch, listen to your inner guidance. See what feels good and lights you up the most to invest in the support you need to remember your natural born gifts and unleash your infinite potential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, love and happiness. 

Testimonial Love & Inspiration

Gina Frances | Embodiment Guide & Womb Based Business Coach

Fleur Elbourne 

Sarah Finley | Kempi Temple

1:1 Coaching is for you if

You’re a heart centred woman wanting extra 1:1 support to embody your magic

If you have already worked with me in programs or workshops or if this is your first space to work with me and would like some 1:1 support to dive deeper into connecting with your inner healer and embody your magic to heal, create or achieve a specific outcome then I am here for you.

You’re a Coach or Entrepreneur on a mission & know that coaching support powers you up too

You know you are here in this life with a job to do and are seeking support to shine a light on your areas for growth to help you be your most connected, radiant & authentic self so that you have more to give – yourself and your clients – in fulfilling your purpose. I have my own coaches who help me so much to learn, heal & evolve, and I am here to support you in your evolution too.

You want to understand the messages from your body + your life and how to activate your natural medicine

Your body is literally a catalogue of your life and tells your story every moment of the day with whatever physical, emotional, mental or social symptoms you experience. In this space you learn how to tune in, listen & become aware, so you can honour your needs and if you want to, update the messages your body cells are receiving. You will learn practices that connect you with your inner healer to activate your natural medicine & alter your body chemistry, release tension, create peak states, bliss, raise your level of vibrational energy and have ultimate influence for your health, well-being and pleasure. It’s life changing!

You experience female physical health issues that you want to understand + naturally heal & evolve through

You are experiencing health issues related to your breasts, womb, ovaries, pussy or pregnancy and want to understand why you have these symptoms, appreciate your body and how to naturally heal. Your body is so wise, it is not making mistakes in expressing your issues, and when you can understand the biological reason for them, it can change your whole perspective and allow healing to occur. We go into the roots of why your body is adapting the way it is, holistically combine lifestyle healing approaches to support your natural auto-regulation and restore internal balance to maximise your health + wellbeing from a truly empowered perspective. You are your own medicine and have the ability to have so much influence in your health outcomes when shown how. 

You’re a busy mama wanting to re-wire outdated reactions, model self-love & fuel up your energy tank so you have more to give

You are a busy mama, wanting to be your best and provide the guidance and modelling you want to for your kids, but often stress, frustration, overwhelm or some thing gets in the way. Hey there mama, I get it, me too, which is exactly why I offer this for you. In this space, you will learn how to recharge your energy tank, shed your limiting habits, and connect with your own light & worth more so that you have more to give – to yourself, your family and the world.

You’re already doing so much to help yourself but there is something missing and you still don’t quite feel  fulfilled

You feel a bit like an unfulfilled lover as you are already doing so much good to help yourself; you eat well, exercise, listen to the podcasts, read the books, maybe even meditate but something is still missing. You have an inner knowing there is more and you want to learn how to feel true fulfilment. Sometimes the ‘more’ that we need is less things, less doing and more feeling. I teach you to connect with your inner healer and feel into your wisdom so that you can lovingly fulfil your needs from the inside out to enhance the quality of your life more than ever before.   

You are prepping for connected & empowering pregnancy, birth & post-birth experiences

You want to prepare for the most connected, empowering and enjoyable pregnancy, birth and post-birth experiences. Whether it is your first pregnancy and you are preparing for the best, or you are healing some trauma from a previous experience, you are held in a very safe space to evolve through what you need to connect with the experience and energy you want to create for you and baby. It’s possible for birth and early motherhood to be really beautiful and empowering – you and your baby both deserve it – and you will be guided through how to create the energetic state + practical strategies to create the experiences you are after.

You’re ready for true self-love, to liberate & nourish your inner child with the understanding you’ve been craving your whole life

When you turn your loving attention inwards you allow yourself to liberate from the chains of the past with an inner permission slip to be yourself. To lean into trust, safety & flow rather than push, hard work & seeking validation of your worth outside of you. In this space you learn how to; create internal safety, fulfil your own emotional needs, understand and re-condition the unconscious beliefs & habits that are no longer effective for you, trust your body and love the parts of you that have been waiting for you your whole life. You get to re-claim you by deeply strengthening your relationship with yourself – all of you – your body, your mind, your soul & your life and show up as your true incredible, love-filled & powerful self.

You’ve had enough of the b.s, the burn-out, the limits & are ready to be the embodiment of your own magic + true feminine empowerment

If you have had enough of the hustle, the b.s and outdated limiting conditioning you are living with and want to  feel the inner freedom that comes with being able to be radiantly & unconditionally true + empowered you,  then this is for you. When I talk about empowerment, I don’t mean, “I am woman, hear me roar” – although it can mean that too – I mean learning ways to create internal safety, softness, strength & unconditional love inside. Holding space for yourself to both honour what you feel and also have influence over your nervous system, body chemistry & state of being so you literally have power and influence for your health, the way you feel and what goes on in your life. You will learn how to be the embodiment of your own medicine and never feel alone, but always supported – because you’ve got you – and how to be your most unconditionally powerful + radiantly alive self, expanding your impact in your own life and the world.

You’re ready to fully awaken the magical woman inside of you & create the energetic state to manifest your hearts desires

You are more powerful than you even realise and within you is so much magic as well as the keys to be able to activate it, life has just conditioned you to be unaware of it. You know something’s there though, your intuition can sense the magic inside, waiting for you to feel, hear & connect with it, you just need someone to show you how.

This is the space to step into the wisdom of who you truly are and turn information into transformation with useful strategies + embodiment practices to awaken your inner healer and be your greatest influencer. You will be guided through useful practices to create the energetic state of being & magical you mindset to increase your vibrational energy, your health, your worth, your personal freedom, your confidence, your power, your wealth, your pleasure, your happiness, your success & even your ecstatic bliss. Be the magical you that you are born to be, intentionally manifest your hearts desires & contribute to making this world a more harmonious place.

Empowering Outcomes

In 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring Programs we go all in. This is more than a few tapping or breath work sessions, it’s an immersive program where we integrate powerful practices to suit to your specific needs to achieve the outcomes your heart desires. You receive support during and in between each session. I want to see you embody your inner healer magic and shine as unconditionally true you, and these programs are designed to help you do that.

By the end of your 1:1 Coaching or Mentoring Program, possible outcomes for you are:

with your powerful
inner healer

influence in every
aspect of your life

Know how
to activate your natural
medicine magic

Aligned heart,
brain, body, mind & soul
for ease & flow

in your body, mind &
power to heal

relationships with self,
others & life

in physical, emotional
& mental health

Balance & harmony
in your energy & chemistry
for health & good feelings

self-worth, confidence,
pleasure & joy

In love
with your self,
your body & your life

Feel valuable
& fulfilled as the truest
expression of yourself

Energy match
to create the you
& the life you love

Omg, I’m so ready!

Show me how

Jodie Ross | Super Living | 1+2+3 = Super You

You receive:

  • Inner healer magic & lifestyle practices that can help you forever
  • The relevant number of 60 or 90 minute 1:1 Coaching or Mentoring sessions conducted online using zoom with Jodie
  • Following each session you will receive personalised home care tips and follow up practices to help you expand your magic & impact
  • Access to pre-recorded Soma Breath and Tapping Meditations to use any time
  • Some programs include your own personalised recorded Soma Breath or Tapping meditations upon request to use anytime

  • Free access to members library during the duration of your coaching program

  • Access to members private Facebook sister community ongoing

  • Text & email support in between sessions from Tuesday to Friday 9am – 5pm if required

  • V.I.P loyalty rates for future Group Programs or Membership offerings with Jodie

Omg, I’m so ready!

Show me how

Jodie Ross | Super Living | 1+2+3 = Super You

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Testimonial Love

Coaching with Jodie is the ultimate gift of self-care and self-enlightenment . . .

I have dramatically improved my state of mind and mental health.

I can now see so clearly the direct links between what I consciously knew I should be able to implement in order to achieve my best life, with how unconsciously I had been dictated by default behaviours that had developed without my knowledge and without my fault through trauma previously experienced.

The shift in my thinking and happiness has been like walking outside in sunshine after years of looking out the window.

I can live a more genuine day to day life, no more faking the good days. There are good days.

Lucy A.

Seeing Jodie has changed the course of my life . . .

I began attending sessions with Jodie in a very emotionally fragile, exhausted state when I had a mental breakdown and reproductive health issues galore…PCOS, irregular periods, abnormal pap tests, pain during sex, thrush, UTI’s, you name it.

In over 10 years, Jodie was the first practitioner who I felt safe with. She was clear, kind and intuitive in knowing what and how much I could handle throughout our journey together. Not once did I feel judged, afraid or coaxed into believing what she thought was going on, she guided me to figure it out on my own. 

From then on I knew it was possible to feel safe, comfortable and to trust myself.

After a few years of abnormal pap smears and scary tests, I have reversed most of my reproductive health issues and I no longer have abnormal cells in my cervix. All healthy! Sex is truly pleasurable again and my creative juices flow into the other areas of my life now.

I cannot thank Jodie enough for all she has given me. Seeing her has quite literally changed the course of my life, for that I am forever grateful.

Sarah F.

Working with Jodie has given me the tools and support to truly dig deep within myself and accelerate both my growth and healing . . .

Seeing her is one way I give back and invest in myself.

Personal growth and healing are not always the easy path, but with the beautiful guidance Jodie provides it is truly worth it.

I have been seeing Jodie on a regular basis for over a year now & our work has taken me on quite a journey. I have learnt so many skills I now use regularly to support myself.

Jodie is an amazing woman, she is warm, generous with her knowledge & the best listener you will ever meet. It is always so inspiring to spend time with someone who has found their true calling.

If you find yourself here reading these words, take the leap and book an appointment with Jodie!

Briody W.