Multi-taskers, busy mamas & stress over-loaders, this one’s for you!  

It’s time to Recharge

We can get so swept up in being busy that it can be tricky to know how to fit yourself in. Balancing your nervous system is the foundation for every other thing that you could create in life and YOU are worth the time to do that.

Reset is your 7 day step-by-step program to guide you through how to flip the switch from busy brain and overwhelm to refuelling your energy tank up so that you have more inside to livekind of like charging up your mobile phone – it works much better then.

Using The Super Living Code and Soma Breath, you will learn how to flip your switch, fuel up, create your own natural high and fall back in love with the rhythm of your life.

Are you ready to reset, rejuvenate & feel more like your true self?

Hi busy bee’s,

Thanks for making the time to check this out. I know how tricky it is to fit things like this in, but if you are anything like me, trust me, it’s worth it.

    “I know I need to – and want to – balance my life, but between work, kids, life, and whatever else fills up my days, where is the time to do it?”. . . sound familiar? I’ve been there too, right where you are and it’s exactly why I created this 7 day reset for you.

    This is a 7 day course, and while you may love the idea of doing it, you might be thinking “where am I going to fit it in?” No probs, I’ve already thought of that, that’s why each day is only a bite size of your time. For each of the 7 days all you need to commit is the intention to participate and about 20mins of your time . . . until day 7 where you have a collection of options to choose from, between 12 and 40mins – whatever suits you the most. Then after the 7 days you have strategies and exercises that you can practice everyday to balance your nervous system, create good feelings and maximise your health at the same time – even when you are busy and multi-tasking.


      There is absolutely nothing wrong with being busy and fitting a lot into your day if that is how you tick. Problems happen though, when you keep giving all of your energy out and not putting it back in.

        That’s what your nervous system can’t cope with for a long time and eventually something gives – usually health or happiness. You have to fuel up too and when you do, you have so much more energy, health and vitality to do all you have to do and you feel even better about doing it.

        Imagine your mobile phone running all day and then not plugging it into the charger, eventually the battery goes flat. Simple solution there though, you just need to charge it, then it’s ready to go again living its multi-tasking life. You are similar and this program is like your charger. The more energy you have, the more energy you have to give. It really is that simple.

        After a lifetime of over achieving, working hard, spreading my energy to this person and that, it was learning the skills to reset and balance my nervous system that changed how I approach life. I finally realised, that when I make time for myself to reset and recharge, I have soooooo much more to give – to me and to everyone else – and I feel so much happier, healthier and alive doing it.


        You’re a super multi-tasker, is it time to put you on your agenda & join me to reset too?

          love Jodie xo.

            By the end of this program you will

            Know how to:

            • Reset your nervous system in minutes using, your breath, music & intention
            • Flip the switch from busy brain & overwhelm to balance, safety & creativity
            • Create a clean slate for health and vibrancy
            • Detox your brain junk
            • Get more nourishing oxygen to your cells
            • Release feel good chemicals & your own natural high
            • Come to a state of rejuvenation & be able to refuel your energy tank up so that you have more to give (yourself and others)
            • Start your day with both peace & zing
            • Be in the best state to create what you want

            Have 24/7 access to:

            One guided tapping sequence for releasing resistance and switching out of busy story (10mins)

            Four variations of Soma Breath that you can do as a daily practice:

            • Reset meditation + two rounds of rhythmic breathing with breath holds (40mins)
            • Reset meditation + two rounds of rhythmic breathing & NO breath holds (40mins)
            • Two rounds of rhythmic breathing with breath holds (20mins)
            • One round of rhythmic breathing with breath holds (12mins)
            Jodie Ross | Super Living | 1+2+3 = Super You

            Omg, gimme this!

            Show me how

            Jodie Ross | Super Living | 1+2+3 = Super You

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