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About Jodie

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Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Jodie Ross

Woman | Mama | Wife | Sister | Body Coach | Soma Breath Advanced Energised Meditation Instructor | Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach | Meta-Health Master Practitioner | Biocompass® Guide | EFT Tapping Practitioner | Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner | Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner | Educator | Natural Medicine Woman | Author of Unleash Your Magnificence | Creator of The Super Living Code®

Hey There!

I am Jodie Ross

I help women with the energetics side of transforming struggles into ease and desires into reality. That means the body, mind, brain, personal parts of you that stand in the way of you and what you desire, to create the you and the life you love. It’s big, it’s important and it’s the way forward.

As a former hairdresser, I have a life-long passion for creating a safe space for self-expression and blending science + soul to change the way we love ourselves; these days that is from the inside out. I believe the best medicine in the world is already in us. Your body is a powerhouse, and when you know your body and love your body, you can use your own natural medicine to transcend your limits, self-heal and create the life you love. You just need to remember how to connect with it.

My personal journey of losing touch with my body during the time of birthing my first baby and becoming a new mama changed me forever; in both painful and amazing ways. From my inner struggles that came from losing trust in my body and sense of self as I handed my power away to transforming into wholeness. I learned how to come home to myself with a new level of awareness and faith in my body, friendship with my mind, and loving connection with my innate superpowers and who I am.

Through my online coaching and education, I have helped hundreds of women from all walks of life to become their own healer and greatest influencer. Using powerful health and well being practices that blend Soma breath work, meditation, brain training, emotional mastery, organ-mind-brain connection and embodiment practices.

I love love. I was born that way and I feel that my soul’s purpose in this life is to learn about love and relationships, and how the quality of the one you have with your self is the foundation for everything else in life. I am super passionate about the fact that we are more powerful than we even realise and within us is so much medicine magic as well as the keys to be able to activate it.

My natural personality, life experiences and inner healer knowing inspires me to keep learning and evolving so that I can help me + you have more connected, fulfilling and loving relationships with self. So that we can activate our inner magic and enhance the quality of our own lives and those around us.

I value life, love, health, family, freedom, trust, nature, unity, peace, connection, earth, kindness, joy, evolving and generosity . . . so the most natural thing in the world for me is to share this space with you.

My Why

“Happiness isn’t something you put inside, it’s already there, sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.”
– Princess Poppy

I love this quote so much. Why? because I believe it’s true. We are born happy just to be loved, fed and in awe of everything.

Have you ever watched a baby when they first learn to walk and discover all of the things they can now touch and see? Or squeal with delight when they hear music and they just bop to the beat without a care in the world who is watching? Have you ever watched a baby breathe, deep perfect breaths from their belly?

I believe we are born perfect, only later when we learn about stress do we begin to breathe more shallow breaths from our chest rather than the expanding perfect belly breaths we did as babies. Only later when we learn about judgement do we care if other people see us dance to the beat well or not, and only later do we forget the magnificence and connection of the body and soul that we are born with. Why? because it gets conditioned out.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, it is possible to live life with as much happiness in our hearts and health in our cells as we did as babies, even as we get older and experience the big beautiful mess that is life. Each of us have within us our own natural medicine magic + wisdom, just waiting to be remembered and connected to. Experiencing this remembrance for myself, makes it impossible not to share this with you.

I haven’t always felt this way, it was a journey to get here and it’s because of my journey and the fact that I want our generation and the generation of our children to grow up always knowing how magnificently powerful, wise and magical they are, that I do what I do now.

That is why I created this business, it is why I am here to share it with you and it is why it is my absolute passion to help you connect with your inner healer wisdom + alchemy magic so that you can be the happiest and healthiest, most connected and empowered version of you.

What led me here

I live on the Mornington Peninsula near the beach in Melbourne Australia with my best friend who is my husband, and our 2 gorgeous children. I love being their mum and nothing has ever made me look within at who I am and how I am living more than becoming their mother.

Remembering my natural wisdom and leaning into love + self-responsibility to shed my limiting baggage and evolve through my challenges is a journey I live myself – for over 11 years now I have been immersed in this – and knowing what is possible inspires me every day to do this work and share what I know. It might sound a bit corny, but it feels like this path chose me, it’s a calling, and even though I know I resisted it and took my time to realise it, it’s who I am. In accepting myself, I wholeheartedly now choose and embrace that this is me and know that I am meant to experience all that I do in life – the challenging and the good – so that I can show up with authenticity and fulfil what I am here to do.

From Hairdresser to Educator within a global corporate company, to Holistic Health & Empowerment Coach, I’ve always worked with people and for the last 5 years that’s been in 1:1 private coaching with clients in health and well-being. These-days, I am expanding all of the juicy goodness of my coaching and resources to the online world so that you and so many more can learn how to activate your natural medicine, as we each contribute to helping make the world a more beautiful place to be. It took me a while to work out exactly where I fit into the well-being space and where I add the most value . . . my soul + all of my life experiences – personal and professional – have led me here though, and it has turned out to be in the space that was exactly what I needed to be my most true self and a space that I wish had have existed for me many years ago – coaching people to connect with their inner magic, heal and feel empowered being their truest self.

When life makes you listen

I would have told you that I loved and valued myself, until I realised I didn’t really, not underneath the surface anyway. I was actually not really showing myself love and care at all, but pushing myself to achieve and succeed and be available for everyone who needed me (hellooo people pleaser and over achiever!) I was most certainly not listening to my own needs and my body, and as life does, gave me experiences to make me listen.

I experienced a major shock at the age of 23 when I was travelling and feeling very vulnerable and then again, another shock at the age of 35 during the time of birthing my first baby and becoming a new mama, that made me question everything that I ever was.

Both times, many years apart were really hard. I went from being someone who felt quite confident and competent most of the time to someone who doubted who I was, the thoughts I had, my place in the world, and I really questioned everything about myself. Anxiety and self-doubt were triggered big time for me, I felt scared, I felt like a failure and I felt like my body had let me down.

Now I know that none of those things were the truth, they were all consequences of internal stress, shock, fear, disconnection to myself and stories that I was telling myself due to hidden beliefs and conditioning that had been there since childhood that I had not really heard the signs to listen to before then.

Even with tough times, in my life I had experienced much goodness too, but I was tired and something needed to change.

Finding a different way of being

I wished so many times for a magical potion or superpower to just make everything better. I didn’t yet realise it, but I already had it, it was me, I just had to learn how to be it.

So that’s what I did. I invested in me, turned my attention in and learned the stuff that we don’t learn in school but was lucky enough to learn through life, and found a different way of being.

I worked with healers, coaches, did (and do) so much self-healing, self-awareness and self-acceptance, trained, studied, certified and learned a lot – and still do – around the sciences and spirituality of being a human being, and more specifically being a woman. My biggest learning has been understanding the magnificently intimate and wise connection between my physical body, my mind, my soul and my life and when you learn how to connect with them, you find true love and there is so much you can do to have empowerment for your health, your well-being, your energetic state and your life.

All of those things are parts of the whole being that is you and it’s more simple than we realise to bring it all together.

Turning my loving attention in

Everything I ever needed to feel how I want to and create what I want was always right there inside of me and it’s inside of you too, just got to learn how to listen within, connect and activate it.

Turning my loving attention inwards allowed me to discover and embody my own magic and be able to lean in to trust and flow rather than push, hard work and seeking validation of my worth outside of me. By fulfilling my own emotional needs, trusting my body and loving the parts of me I had been denying my whole life (without realising), I reclaimed my power and deeply strengthened my relationship with myself – all of me – my body, my mind, my soul and my life.

I truly love, support and value the woman in the mirror now, and I have more to give to every other relationship I have because of it – how I relate to me, my body, my husband, my children, my business, friends, family, you, challenges, success, happiness, money, hopes, and aspirations . . . all of it.


I have a sense of empowerment and compassion for myself and my life that I never had before. No longer do I feel that issues I am experiencing just happen to me, that it’s random if I feel anxious or sad, have a sore back, a headache, a mood, health issue or a habit that is hard to break. My clever body is always working for me trying to self-regulate, life is mirroring to me where I am at and if I tune in, there is a lot I can do about it.

When I talk about empowerment, I don’t mean, “I am woman, hear me roar” – although it can mean that too – I mean, learning ways to create internal safety and unconditional love inside. Holding space for yourself to both honour what you feel and also have influence over your nervous system, body chemistry and state of being so you literally have power and influence for your health, the way you feel and what goes on in your life. Actually being the embodiment of your own medicine and never feeling alone, but always supported, because you’ve got you.

If something is going on for me, my default is now, what message do I need to hear and what do I need? Even better than that, I also have the power and wisdom to connect with my inner healer, nurture my inner self and use my breath, my body and creative mind to activate my own medicine and influence what goes on inside my body and outside in my world.

To me, that is empowerment, it’s what I do for me and is what I am here to guide you to do too.

How does all of this help you?

My experiences and natural instincts led me to ways to connect back to my whole-self and be my own magic. I walk my own talk and everything that I share with you is something that I personally use to evolve and connect to my inner medicine magic and you have it inside you too.

You are your own healer, magical medicine woman and greatest influencer.

Even though I’m grateful for all of my experiences because they have helped me grow, I wish I had have known how to embody my magic years ago, which is what inspires me to share it all with you.

Why? This is how we do our bit to help change the world. When we connect, love + value ourselves more, the whole world benefits as we have more to give – to ourselves and to others – paving the way for future generations to grow up always knowing their magical loving worth, raise each other up and make this world a more beautiful place.

Official Stuff

Qualifications and Certifications

SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Biocompass® Guide

Meta-Health® Master Practitioner

EFTMRA EFT Practitioner

EFTMRA Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

EFTMRA Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner


EFTMRA Matrix Reimprinting Ambassador

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Directory Member

IICT International Institute for Complementary Therapists Member

Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment