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Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Woman | Mama | Wife | Sister | Coach | Mentor | Educator | Soma Breath Advanced Energised Meditation Instructor | Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach | Meta-Health Master Practitioner | Biocompass® Guide | EFT Tapping Practitioner | Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner | Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner | Natural Medicine Woman | Author of Unleash Your Magnificence | Creator of The Super Living Code®

Hey There!

I am Jodie Ross

I believe that leadership starts with self and am absolutely fascinated with human potential, lifestyle medicine, well-being, mind, body and energetics. I have a background in training, personal & professional development, health and life coaching. I help Female Coaches, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Healers liberate their natural limitless potential to grow and flourish is self, business and life with more ease, impact, health, freedom and sparkle.  

We focus on you + your goals & hearts desires – personally and professionally – and the personal body, mind, brain, and energetic parts of you that stand in the way of you and what you desire, to create the you, life and business and you love and enjoy. Bringing what you are doing, what you believe and what you can imagine into harmony. Drawing from multiple methods and topics to nourish, cherish and align your whole being – physically, emotionally, mentally & energetically.

As a former hairdresser, I have a life-long passion for creating a safe space for self-expression and blending science + soul to help people feel their beauty, and these days that is from the inside out. You are a beautiful, intelligent, amazing powerhouse of infinite potential, and when you understand how you tick, you can use your own natural medicine to self-heal, transcend your limits, achieve your goals and create the life you love.

My personal journey of losing touch with my body during the time of birthing my first baby and becoming a new mama changed me forever. ways. From my inner struggles that came from losing trust in my body and sense of self to new levels of awareness of human potential and the wisdom we all have access to be so much more empowered in all aspects of life.

Through my coaching and education, I have helped hundreds of women liberate their potential and be their own greatest influencer. Using powerful practices that blend Soma breath work, meditation, nervous system regulation, energetics, brain training, emotional mastery, organ-mind-brain connection and embodiment practices.

I am super passionate about the fact that we are more powerful than we even realise and within us is so much medicine magic as well as the keys to be able to activate it and it is my dream to share it with you and help create a more beautiful world.

My Why

“Happiness isn’t something you put inside, it’s already there, sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.”
– Princess Poppy

I love this quote so much. Why? because I believe it’s true. We are born happy just to be loved, fed and in awe of everything.

Have you ever watched a baby when they first learn to walk and discover all of the things they can now touch and see? Or squeal with delight when they hear music and they just bop to the beat without a care in the world who is watching? Have you ever watched a baby breathe, deep perfect breaths from their belly?

I believe we are born perfect, only later when we learn about stress do we begin to breathe more shallow breaths from our chest rather than the expanding perfect belly breaths we did as babies. Only later when we learn about judgement do we care if other people see us dance to the beat well or not, and only later do we forget the magnificence and connection of the body and soul that we are born with. Why? because it gets conditioned out.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, it is possible to live life with as much happiness in our hearts and health in our cells as we did as babies, even as we get older and experience the big beautiful mess that is life. Each of us have within us our own natural medicine magic + wisdom, just waiting to be remembered and connected to. Experiencing this remembrance for myself, makes it impossible not to share this with you.

I haven’t always felt this way, it was a journey to get here and it’s because of my journey and the fact that I want our generation and the generation of our children to grow up always knowing how magnificently powerful, wise and magical they are, that I do what I do now.

That is why I created this business, it is why I am here to share it with you and it is why it is my absolute passion to help you connect with your wisdom + alchemy magic so that you can be the happiest and healthiest, most connected, successful and empowered version of you.

Official Stuff

Qualifications and Certifications

SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Biocompass® Guide

Meta-Health® Master Practitioner

EFTMRA EFT Practitioner

EFTMRA Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

EFTMRA Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner


EFTMRA Matrix Reimprinting Ambassador

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Directory Member

IICT International Institute for Complementary Therapists Member

Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment