Being your own Healer

Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

The keys to your Health & Empowerment are already inside of you.

What would change for you if you knew how to use those keys to unlock your magic? To connect with your inner healer, activate your natural medicine and feel empowered

being your truest self?

Empowering Outcomes

We get more specific in the 1:1 coaching or group program option/s you participate in, but by working together the possible outcomes for you are:

with your powerful
inner healer

influence in every
aspect of your life

Know how
to activate your natural
medicine magic

Aligned heart,
brain, body, mind & soul
for ease & flow

in your body, mind &
power to heal

relationships with self,
others & life

in physical, emotional
& mental health

Balance & harmony
in your energy & chemistry
for health & good feelings

self-worth, confidence,
pleasure & joy

In love
with your self,
your body & your life

Feel valuable
& fulfilled as the truest
expression of yourself

Energy match
to create the you
& the life you love

Omg, I’m so ready!

Show me how

Jodie Ross | Super Living | 1+2+3 = Super You

Practices we use

Combining ancient wisdom + modern science, together, we work with a variety of super powerful healing and well-being practices. These include: my own method of The Super Living Code®, Coaching, Soma Breathwork® & Energised Meditation, EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Energy Work and Lifestyle Prescriptions® + Biocompass® Specific Organ-Mind-Brain-Social Analysis Systems. Areas we may cover are . . .

More about the Practices 


Connecting with your inner healer 

Connecting with your inner healer, trusting your wisdom and activating your natural medicine magic gives you freedom and empowerment for your self, your health, your energetic state and your life. You re-claim your power as you become your own greatest influencer for what goes on inside your body and outside in your life. 

When you work with me, we use an integrative approach of powerful, fast and effective transformation practices that are most suited to your needs and outcomes. The purpose is always to help you create a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with yourself – all of you – your body, your mind, your soul and your life so that you can unlock your infinite potential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and happiness.

I teach you to tune in, listen and learn how to work with your inner healer and natural wisdom so that you can be the embodiment of your truest, most radiantly alive and unconditionally powerful, loving self, expanding your impact in your own life and the world.

My approach is both practical + spiritual. You can expect a whole lot of realness + magic in our time together that is relevant to your needs, intentions and what you are up for to create a new wisdom + love-filled familiar, that feels empowering and aligned for you. Every coaching experience varies depending on what format you are participating in and what practices are necessary for you. 

The Super Living Code®

Special combination 

You will hear me talk about Super Living and what I mean by that is for you to be able to live your life being the truest, most super version of you that you can imagine.

It is not about being positive all of the time or putting on fake smiles. It is about showing up and getting real, raw and accepting of who you are, owning your own story, evolving and loving yourself through it. Processing the old and bringing in the new so you feel love, worth and connection at your core to embody the chemistry of love and live life being amazing, unconditionally powerful and true you.

I teach you how to use The Super Living Code® which is a 3 step recipe for success that you can apply from your smallest intention to the greatest goals you have and is often the missing link or puzzle piece to unlock what is holding you back.

Soma Breath

Nervous system balance and good feelings

Soma Breath is a complete holistic health and well-being system that combines various ancient pranayama breathing techniques with modern technology, music, science, vocal toning and meditation.

Soma is the BEST practice I have ever found for regulating your nervous system and changing your energetic state quickly to activate health and good feelings.

The best natural medicine in the world is already in you, it’s inside your body. The word ‘Soma’ literally means body. When you connect with your inner healer practicing Soma Breath, you can learn how to access the your inner pharmacy and release the natural medicine magic you already have inside

For more on Soma, click here


Reduce stress – conscious & subliminal 

Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an energy psychology technique used to reduce stress – both conscious and unconscious subliminal stress – to optimise your emotional health and whole-self well-being.

Tapping is the BEST practice I’ve ever found for finding and re-wiring old hidden beliefs and processing emotion to change how you feel at a very deep level. To free yourself from your ‘old baggage’ – the often hidden stuff that holds you back and is not effective for you anymore.

It helps to evolve and transform how you think, feel and process life and brings you out of the past and into the present, which impacts everything to do with your inner freedom, health, happiness and how you show up in your life.

Matrix Reimprinting

Communicate with your younger self 

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced version of Tapping where you communicate with your younger self.

You get to show up for you, edit the old stuff that is no longer effective or serving you, and give yourself what you need, so you feel internally safe and loved deep in your heart for exactly who you are. You get a chance to bring your power back in and truly be there for yourself.

You can create new positive imprints into your subconscious mind and cellular memory, which helps your brain direct your body with a different story. It’s life changing!

Organ-mind-brain-social Connection

Understanding the messages from your body 

Our bodies are literally a catalogue of our life and tells our story every moment of the day with whatever physical, emotional, mental or social symptoms we experience. Our subconscious minds record EVERYTHING, even if we are not consciously aware, our bodies are keeping tabs on us, and responding accordingly.

I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® and Biocompass® organ-mind-brain-social connection analysis systems, which are based on biology and medical science. They help us understand specifically how our brains direct and send messages to each specific body tissue under stress and repair, from our lifestyle habits, perceptions and life experiences.

Your body and mind are intimately connected and these analysis systems help us tune in much further than managing symptoms. We can understand what your body is trying to do for you with whatever symptoms you experience – physical, emotional, mental or social – and do something about it. 

This is so huge for being able to respect that your body is always working for you trying to self-regulate. When you know this, there is so much you can do to heal and update the messages your cells are receiving to improve your health and quality of life. You can feel truly empowered living in your magnificent, intelligent body that houses your soul.