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Have you had enough of the hustle and are tired of feeling stressed – or even empty – and thinking, “everything will be ok when . . . if only this would happen” . . . You know you are more and here for more, and you want to thrive and learn how to enrich your health, happiness and life with more ease? Then welcome babe, this is the space for you! In this transformational group coaching online experience you learn the self-care codes to connect with your body, nourish yourself and turn on your natural medicine to

Be your own Remedy for

Less stress, more peace, more health, more confidence, joy & success

. . . naturally. 

No more waiting for the ‘thing’ for life to be how you want it. You learn how wise you really are and how to reduce stress and boost self-care and confidence to influence what goes on inside your body and outside in your life.

Stress in its various forms – physical, emotional, mental and environmental – is the biggest thing that limits you, keeps you stuck, ages you, down regulates your immune system, creates health issues and dims your true power. Body Influencer . Life Influencer (B.I.L.I) helps you put your stress back into perspective rather than it running your show, detoxing the energetic junk you no longer need and filling your cup to feel more nourished, fulfilled and in-flow. Living a  life where you are your most powerful influencer who can switch on your natural medicine and embodied manifesting powers at will.


“I believe in you and your body so much.

Your true power does not come from outside, it’s already in you, and everything I am about is to teach you how to connect with and unlock it.”

Love Jodie xo.

“Jodie truly helps you to tap into and activate the magic within that we each have to live with great health and inner peace. Thank you so much for the amazing experience it’s truly life changing!”

Deidre Dattoli, Melbourne AUS

Want to know this can help you?

Success Leaves Clues

Hear from women with desires just like you who are doing the work & transforming their lives

Gina Frances | Embodiment Guide & Womb Based Business Coach

“I am here to share with you all how fricking amazing Jodie Ross is, how much I love her, adore her and how much of a powerhouse woman, healer, coach and mentor she is.

She is magnetic and so genuine in her desire to serve and to support and is not only knowledgeable, but she is wise. She reminds you of your power and she shines a light to your light.

If you are watching this or wanting to work with Jodie in any way shape or form I say do it, go for it, get on any of her programs, one on one, her courses, her offerings, whatever it is I really recommend working with Jodie. Jodie I love you, Mwah!”

Clare Savage | Zen Essentials

“Jodie has taught me about embodiment. It’s revelationary and revolutionary! . . . 

Jodie is Love. She is one of the few people I know that is pure love emanating right through her. I have been in this field a long time. I have worked a lot with self-care, breathwork, yoga, with oils. I teach people about this, but what Jodie taught me and if I can put it in one word, it would be embodiment. Because she taught me how to embody alll of those tools.

She brings a structure and tools and a skill set that she teaches you in a framework that then you can embody it. So rather than it being a bit here and a bit there that you use, she teaches you how to bring it all into one framework to power you forward so that you can fully embody it. It’s revelationary and revolutionary!”

B.I.L.I  is for you if

You are a Coach or Female Leader

with a big vision, but some form of stress keeps getting in your way or holding you back and you are bursting to set yourself free and share your gifts with the world from a space of pleasure, confidence & ease.

this is me, show more . . .

It does not matter what business or marketing strategy you use, if your wiring, nervous system and energy are not aligned with your vision and strategy then it is hard work to create that incredible impact and short lived to sustain it. You know what babe? You have it in you though, the medicine to support you to do this and the world needs you to share it. There are people waiting for you. B.I.L.I is a program that helps you with the ‘human’ parts of you, your energetics, to reduce the pressure, stop playing small and get out of your own way. Increase ease and come into alignment to amplify your enjoyment, your manifesting powers, leadership and the impact you are here to make.

You are an Ambitious Woman

who wants to feel good and enjoy your life but are running on the fumes of stress and go-go-go. You’re feeling the effects of it in your body & mind, and want to ditch the hustle, worry and self-doubt to embody self-care, fulfilment and happiness.

this is me, show more . . .

If this is you, I see you super multi-tasking and ambitious woman and I am a stand for you. You really are awesome at getting a lot done but your energy is streeeetched. How long can you keep this up? or more importantly, how long do you want to? Life does not have to be so hard. You don’t have to keep waiting for the ‘thing’ or the ‘when’ for life to feel good. You have it all in you to create it. Rather than keep running on that stress treadmill, imagine if you could learn how to influence how you relate to life and look in the mirror and see a woman who feels nourished, cared for, comfortable in her body and in flow. More peace, pleasure, spaciousness and confidence in your ability to create the life you love. This is not only so good for you, when your tank is full, everyone around you wins too.

You are a Health Conscious Woman

who wants to no longer be ‘at the effects of’ life, and instead feel more empowered and confident in your body to boost immunity, reverse the signs of ageing and increase your health and happiness, naturally. 

this is me, show more . . .

So much of life is lived in auto-pilot and looking for things outside of us to feel good, happy or make us well. There is so much more to who you are though, you and your body are actually brilliant. The best natural medicine in the world is in you, it’s inside your body and is the key to your health, fulfilment and happiness. In B.I.L.I, you learn how to be your own guru, goddess & alchemist to nourish your nervous system and turn on your natural medicine – your SOMA – at will. You can reduce the hormones of stress, effects of ageing, release excess weight and turn off busy-brain to boost your immunity, health, energy, fitness, pleasure, peace, confidence and your body’s natural ability to thrive and enhance the quality of your life

Gorgeous woman, I get you. I’ve been there too and it’s exactly why I created this B.I.L.I Program for you to help you unleash your incredible natural gifts & medicine. Come! See!

Let’s explore

Need to hear more how B.I.L.I can help you?

Success Leaves Clues

These incredible results could be yours too

Turn On Your Power

and be the healthy, rich, wise woman you are

Creating the life you want or achieving the health or success you dream of begins with you. No matter what your desire is, or what your strategy is, to influence your life and accomplish what you are here to do, begins with you and your body. There is a more easeful and pleasurable way to do life that brings your hearts desires into reality when you learn how to create less stress, more joy, more health, more fulfilment and trust by working with the natural brilliance of your body and being.

B.I.L.I helps you re-connect with the human gifts that you were born with to understand the way you operate, reduce stress and survival mode and boost your own natural thrive mode. You know the saying, “You can give a woman a fish and she will have a meal for a day, or you can teach her how to fish and she can feed herself for life!” . . . well this program is kind of like that, teaching you skills that you can use to help yourself for life. I teach you how to care for and nourish yourself to come into more harmony and coherence using the brilliance of your own body and being, so that you can thrive and feel more empowered to self-heal, feel good and manifest your hearts desires with more ease.

Need more inspiration?

Success Leaves Clues

You have this magic in you too

“Jodie’s ability to translate how to be ones own life & body influencer is invaluable . . . 

Jodies ability to translate how to be ones own life & body influencer is invaluable, especially in these times.

By staying connected via video and the chat group sessions helped to promote my new perspective while keeping me present. It can feel somewhat revealing like “peeling off the layers” but it is in a safe and nurturing space while keeping within my comfort zone.

Jodie is the epitome of what a Mentor and Influencer is, spreading her love and wealth of knowledge to help others.”

Chantal Berlouis.

“Thank you so much for the amazing experience, it’s truly life changing! . . . 

I’ve loved being a part of the B.I.L.I program with Jodie.

She went above and beyond to create a nurturing, loving and supportive environment where I felt seen, heard and valued. It created the space for me to really understand myself even more in a kind and curious way and added some more practices to my toolkit to really tap into and activate the best version of myself and we had so much fun along the journey.

Jodie truly helps you to tap into and activate the magic within that we each have to live with great health and inner peace. Thank you so much for the amazing experience, it’s truly life changing!”

Deidre Dattoli.

“I found the SOMA breath work and the way Jodie guides you through it to be unbelievably healing and energizing . . . 

As a mum of a toddler, I was feeling a bit lost within myself and depleted before BILI. I was wanting to create amazing things to put out into the world but not feeling I had the support and energy to achieve that.

Since BILI I have found the energy is inside me once I balance my nervous system and switch out from victim to creator. I found the SOMA breath work and the way Jodie guides you through it to be unbelievably healing and energizing. I have been able to access parts of my psyche all other healing practices and modalities I’ve done up to this point hadn’t touched and I couldn’t even tell you what that was but it had me sobbing and letting go of some ancient burdens. In that way, it didn’t feel hard or like I was stuck in the story, it was simply and easily handed over.

I also was starting to have visions from my body’s natural release of DMT which was really trippy and amazing! I’d love to live in that state and I know now that I can create it and call it up on cue. Now I practice SOMA most days, listening to Jodie’s calm, activating voice and I feel excited because I can tell I am building up my energy (which gets so pulled on every day) to create the things that spark joy for me and I don’t feel wind up feeling resentful or stressed out with my family.”

Sarah Finley | Kempi Temple.

“Jode I loved your well thought through content and guided tour to a richer more fulfilling way of living. I’ve finished the course with a really practical tool kit to reach for to help rewire my brain to become the brightest version of me!”

Kelly Wilson, Melbourne AUS

Ready for more life-force?

I see you busy woman, master at getting a lot done. Managing your biz, your work agenda, your fam, your house-hold, your relationships and somewhere in there maybe squeezing in a little time for you. I know how capable you are, but how do you feel? Is your energy streeetched? Please let this land . . . the world needs you, your family needs you, your relationships & business need you, and you need you. Aaaand you deserve to feel radiantly healthy, deeply fulfilled, & abundantly happy, it’s your birthright!

Does any of this sound like you?

You are a hard worker, busy bee, super multi-tasker who gets a lot done. You take one step forward and 2 steps back. You read all the books, do all the things and think you have the solution to making that ‘thing’ happen and then bam! life knocks you back down again. Often you look forward to when everyone is asleep at night, so you can binge on tv, scroll the socials, read your book, or maybe even squeeze in some more work when you finally have a moment to yourself. You stay up later than you want to just to be able to wind down and then wake up tired because your sleep is short, or even if you have had a long sleep it’s been restless so you are tired anyway. You look in the mirror and see a women that looks like she is working hard. You may even find that adding in your meditation or movement time adds stress, because it is another thing you need to do, or if you are enjoying it, it’s not giving you the good feelings for long. You feel the effects of stress, over-thinking and survival mode in your body & mind. You worry about you or your family getting sick, feel powerless about it and deep down you know that you can’t keep going this way. You might even have a great life, but inside feel unfulfilled. You have a feeling there is a different way to be, you know you are here for more, yet you tell yourself, “I will be happy when . . . everything will be ok when . . .  I will make time for myself when . . .”  You may have even tried all the ‘things’ but still don’t feel like it’s landing and intuitively know there must be a simpler way or a way to make it more effective.

If any of this is you, sister, please know, I get you and YES there is a much more effective, enjoyable and life-enhancing way! Truth bomb though . . . There is no ‘when’, there is now and there is now. That’s it! What you do and who you are now becomes the ‘when’. So if what you want is not who you are being, then it is haaard work to create it and short lived to sustain it.

The time is now. And your energy + your body are the keys!

“Working with Jodie has given me the tools and support to truly dig deep within myself and accelerate both my growth and healing.” 

Briody W, Melbourne AUS

Creating the life you want

begins with expanding your capacity for it & who you are being

Knowing how to influence your body and who you are being is giving yourself the gift of body love and empowerment. It is your key to reducing stress and boosting your natural abilities to feel good, thrive and influence your reality . . .  in health, happiness, fulfilment and success.

What you learn in this B.I.L.I Accelerator Program is not another bunch of info, it’s real life skills and a way of being to help you understand stress and the human energetics of how you tick, and how to gently and lovingly work with your body to nourish yourself and influence your life. This goes beyond the 8 weeks in this program. Embodying what you learn can support you forever.

You ready to embody your potential & light up?

You Receive

B.I.L.I content to empower YOU?


that empower
& expand YOU

Coaching Calls

that engage, coach
& support YOU


that inspire
& nourish YOU


that soothe
& elevate YOU

We begin with your nervous system and why it is so important for you to know how to influence it with confidence and in ways that can support you forever.

show more . . .

Understanding how your body responds to life stressors and knowing how to nourish and influence your nervous system is the foundation for every other thing that you could create in life. Your body needs to feel S A F E to thrive. It’s biology!

We explore Stress/Survival Mode & Safety/Thrive Mode and how to literally unlock your natural medicine and give yourself the permission and chemistry to feel gooood and thrive. Imagine less stress, more enjoyment, more pleasure, more health, more happiness. That starts with your nervous system being ok with it. I personally don’t buy into the ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, yes you can, yes you can get results, but that does not mean your body likes it or it’s nourishing, fulfilling or long lasting for you. I do however 100% subscribe to ‘acknowledge the fear or discomfort, allow your body to feel safe with it, and then have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and take action.’

The difference is subtle but also HUGE and has a massive impact on how you can lastingly optimise your health, fulfilment, success and happiness with so much more ease and confidence.

The part your mind plays in turning on your influencing superpowers and how your body responds to both real or imagined experiences in the same way.

show more . . .

This module goes beyond positive mindset and attitude to explore consciousness and how to nourishingly liberate yourself from ineffective or stressful patterns that limit you, and enhance what supports you with love and conscious influence.

We look at how your perceptions, inner narrative, stories and unconscious beliefs picked up through culture and your experiences impact your body, state of being, habits, behaviour and your life. Some of that is super supportive for you and helps you thrive, some of it is the stuff that keeps you stuck by looping and recycling old patterns that limit you, age you and down-regulate your immune system. All of it influences your energy, your chemistry and your ability to experience abundant health and happiness.

We explore in a relatable way how to be your own conscious leader, to come into the present and create more choice, harmony and influence in your body and your life.

The part your emotions play in turning on your influencing superpowers, their multi-purpose and how to create the healing + feel-good ones for longer.

show more . . .

Emotions are your Energy in Motion. We all know how different ones feel and that some of them feel good and some do not.

We explore emotional intelligence and how each emotion has a very important purpose, and when you can understand what that is, how to alchemise the energy + honour and express your different feelings in healthy ways. To get out of your head and into your body to move them through you, you can release your stuck energy, create more inner freedom and elevate your L.O.V.E – Level Of Vibrational Energy – at will.

This is so liberating and influences how you feel, how you react and show up, your body chemistry and how you can create the healing and feel-good emotions for longer.

The part your breath plays in activating your natural medicine + turning on your influencing superpowers and how to elevate your health & L.O.V.E at will.

show more . . .

This is an exciting module! We change gears this week and really start to get into the stuff that helps you improve your health, synergy + feel more empowered.

Every emotion, thought and system in your body is linked to your breath and learning how to play with it is truly a superpower that is available for you.

SOMA Breath is a complete holistic health and well-being system that combines various ancient pranayama breathing techniques with modern technology, music, science, vocal toning and meditation to regulate your nervous system and activate your inner pharmacy of natural medicine.

We spend two weeks on this module. You learn the SOMA foundations to be your own guru/ goddess/ alchemist to influence your energy and chemistry for your highest good and bring your body and energy systems into sync.

You can elevate your Level Of Vibrational Energy in minutes and create peak states for health, healing, bliss, sensuality, well-being, wealth, performance, manifesting and success with music, intention and your breath.

The part your intention & embodiment play in enhancing your influencing superpowers and magnetising your health, happiness, fulfilment, and success.

show more . . .

Embodying your medicine is not about what you know, it’s about who you are being and how you apply what you know. The universe, people and life recognise and respond to your energy. It’s felt.

This module is all about how to embody all we have covered so far and be the person living in the energy you want to be living in.

You learn how to tune your vibrational energy and your brain through embodiment and intention to magnetise yourself for health, happiness, fulfilment and success – in whatever ways that means for you.

Accessing your Inner Healer, Body Influencer & Life Influencer with a 1+2+3 access code to remember in a simple way how to embody your brilliance.

show more . . .

To support you in being your own conscious Body Influencer and Life Influencer, we have a simple way to remind you how to access your Inner Healer & Life Influencer with a 1+2+3 access code.

This is the game changer and helps you blend all the parts of the puzzle to embody your body brilliance, unleash your magnificence and be your greatest influencer.

You have so much power to influence your reality and this code offers a way for you to remember how.

Transformational Lifestyle Practices to support you beyond this program in embodying your superpowers to influence your energy and reality.

show more . . .

By the end of this program, you have your very own B.I.L.I practices library available 24/7 to support you beyond the 8 weeks of the B.I.L.I program. This consists of the practices learned from each module + a few extra bonuses. Remember, the reality you can create is not about what you know, it’s about how you apply and embody what you know.

When you live what you know and apply these skills using your human gifts and the natural medicine you already have inside, they can support you for life. So that you can enjoy the fulfilment of showing up for yourself and being your own consciously aware and empowered Body Influencer, Life Influencer and remedy for less stress, more peace, more health, more confidence, joy and success . . . naturally.

Optional 3 month post-B.I.L.I Membership in our B.I.L.I Haven to connect with your like-hearted community of sisters and support your expansion.

show more . . .

Body Influencer . Life Influencer (B.I.L.I) teaches you a nourishing way of being, that you continue to evolve with. 

To support you in this, B.I.L.I Haven 3 month membership is an optional add-on* if the group desires it after the B.I.L.I program is complete. This offers you ongoing support and community as you continue to apply your B.I.L.I learnings into your life.

We meet once a month for 3 months in a LIVE online Masterclass for Q&A, to nourish any challenges, play with embodiment practices and how to advance what you have learned. This Haven also includes a private community online group to love, support, share and grow in a space that feels like soothing honey for your soul.

*this is a paid optional membership post-B.I.L.I and minimum group numbers apply.

B.I.L.I  Experience

You receive:

8 Weeks of Modules in your own online Course Portal to inspire, coach and expand you.  

Each week new module content will open with access to your:

  • Body Influencer · Life Influencer Video Lessons
  • Body Influencer · Life Influencer Teachings
  • Body Influencer · Life Influencer Practices

LIVE Group Coaching Calls:

  • 1 x LIVE group coaching call/ masterclass per week* (online via zoom) to expand the B.I.L.I content, provide community + live interaction and support to enhance your experience and growth (*there is 1 integration week with no LIVE call)

Your own empowering B.I.L.I Practices Library

  • By the end of B.I.L.I you will have your very own empowering Lifestyle Practices Library that you have 24/7 access to with guided SOMA Breath Meditations + Health & Well-Being Resources and Practices for you to use anytime

In addition you receive:

  • 1 x 45min 1:1 session with Jodie throughout the program or at program completion to integrate the best outcomes for you and support your next steps
  • Access to be part of our private community for Q&A, sister sharing and support

B.I.L.I is open to heart-led women (or identifying) who are coachable, willing to invest in themselves & be responsible for their own experiences.

YES! I am so ready

& willing to invest in my self, my body & my life!

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Got Questions?

Book your free Discovery Call with Jodie here

Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Why I am so passionate about this

It would be easy to believe in the current world we are living in, that you need something outside of you to influence the chemistry of your body and what happens in your life.

I believe this so untrue. Our body’s are miraculous homes for our soul, healing and adapting to the messages we give it, every second of every day.

Without our body, we would have no human life and so many of us don’t even realise how incredible and capable we are. We are born with the natural brilliance, but many of us have never been taught how to work with it. Just as outside in the world nature provided us with the resources we need to survive and thrive, nature also provided us with the inner resources that we need to survive and thrive. We are a literally a living, breathing pharmacy of natural medicine that can be influenced at will, and we are all capable of doing this when shown how.

Problem is these-days so many humans have not been shown how or have forgotten. I did too.

I know this because I too forgot my wisdom. After the birth of my first baby, I lost total trust in my body, I thought it had failed me because I was not able to give birth naturally. In reality there is no way this was true, my body was responding to the stress and fear I was in and doing exactly as nature intended, not birth in that situation. What a different and empowering perspective. The moment I realised I was not broken, and did not need to be fixed, I just needed to learn how to nourish my nervous system and communicate with my body, was the moment my inner wise woman woke up . . . or probably more so that I was hearing her.

Many years later and after so much self-healing, training, holding space for and witnessing many women create incredible health and life transformations that we are all capable of when shown how, I am passionately devoted to helping to empower women to be aware of their innate gifts, ability to heal and activate the pharmacy of natural medicine that lives inside.

I believe in you and your body so much. Your true power does not come from outside, it’s already in you, and everything I am about is to teach you how to connect with and unlock it.

The ancients knew it, the indigenous know it, isn’t it time more of us do too.

It’s time to honour YOU sister!

With so much love, Jodie xo.