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Did you know that baby needs to be within mum’s (or dads’ or someone close) heart field for up to nine months after birth to help regulate their heartbeat?

In the womb, baby’s heart connects with mother’s heart. Because of this connection, after birth, it’s so important that baby is placed within mums’ heart field, it helps both mum and baby stabilise each other. If mum has had a distressing or traumatic birth, having baby on her chest helps her heartbeat regulate and likewise for baby, if in stress, mum’s heartbeat will help settle and regulate baby’s.

Having baby close is so much more than practical.

Having your baby sleep close to you, in a bassinet close to your bed or carrying baby around on your chest in a baby carrier is so much more than practical, it’s actually helping to keep your baby’s heart beat strong. They literally need this human connection to survive for the first nine months until their heart develops its own independent frequency.

So mamas. . . If your instincts are telling you to keep your baby close, hold them close when they cry, sleep with them near you, wear them on you in a carrier, listen to those instincts and be proud that not only are you helping your baby to feel safe, nurtured and loved, you are also helping their heart to beat strong.

For both of my babies, being on my chest or their daddy’s chest was by far their (and ours) most comforting place.

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