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with the best Holistic Healing & Life Designer Tool on the planet, YOUR BODY!

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Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Hey There!

I am Jodie Ross

I am a Body Coach. I help women with the energetics side of transforming struggles into ease and desires into reality. That means the body, mind, brain, personal parts of you that stand in the way of you and what you desire, to create the you and the life you love. It’s big, it’s important and it’s the way forward.

Your body is your powerhouse! When you work with me you learn how to connect with the natural brilliance of you and your body to get out of your own way and liberate your life. You can apply this to magnetise your success and confidently influence ANYTHING your heart desires:

Health & Immunity, Self-Healing, Happiness, Weight Release, Business Success, Loving Relationships, Wealth, Fulfilment, Pleasure, Manifesting & All Aspects of your Life.

We all have the potential to break through our limits. So many of us want the ‘things’ but are not wired to create them or if you do create them they are short lived or something else will give, because your body and nervous system are not wired for it all.

I learned this through my own experiences and every hurdle that I have healed and overcome goes back to the body and understanding all of the parts that interplay with each other. I wish it was whispered in babies’ ears at birth, taught in every family and school, and I want to shout it from the rooftops . . . “YOU and YOUR BODY are SO BRILLIANT! Always know how incredible you truly are and what you’re capable of when you love, trust and work with your body.”

Yep, that’s me, it’s what I want, so this is my rooftop, this business is it. I will not shout at you I promise, that’s not me, but what is me is to be passionately devoted to sharing all I know to help you cut through the crap, transcend your limits and create the you and the life you love + an empowered love-fuelled legacy for the next generation. I believe in you and your body so much. Your true power does not come from outside, it’s already in you, and everything I am about is to teach you how to connect with and unlock it.

Let me show you how brilliant you truly are!

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Work with Me

You are meant for radiant health and a great life

You get to design and create it!

If you’re a woman ready for an epic and nourishing relationship with yourself to create freedom from the inside out, you desire Optimum Health, Deep Fulfilment and Happiness on Purpose, and you’re willing to transcend your limits and arouse untapped parts of yourself to create it, this is for you.

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This is the most intimate, immersive and life changing offer that I have for you. We work closely and I teach you how to heal yourself, expand your capacity to create and hold what you desire, and live from a more empowered and pleasurable consciousness. To alchemise your wounds + outdated patterns into wisdom, transform struggles into ease and supercharge your Health & Immunity, Self-Healing, Happiness, Fulfilment, Pleasure, Bliss, Relationships, Success, Wealth, Manifesting & All Aspects of your Life.

Throughout this transformational 1:1 healing and coaching experience that is very personalised to your needs and desires, you learn how to embody your innate human powers and work with the powerhouse that is your body to unleash your medicine and manifest a luscious life by your design, rather than by default. And with the best holistic healing + life designer tool on the planet – YOU!

If you are an ambitious woman who has had enough of the hustle and are tired of feeling stressed or even empty, and thinking “everything will be ok when . . . if only this would happen” . . . and you want to learn how to liberate yourself and feel more empowered, in flow and alive, this is the space for you.

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In this transformational group coaching online experience you learn the codes to connect with your body and turn on your natural medicine + personal power to be your own remedy for radiant health, anti-ageing and pleasure-filled richness in relationships, self-image, home, business and life . . . naturally. No more waiting for the ‘thing’ for life to be how you want it, you learn how wise you really are and how to feel way more confident forever in influencing what goes on inside your body and outside in your life.

Stress in its various forms – physical, emotional, psychological and environmental – is the biggest thing that limits you, keeps you stuck, ages you, down regulates your immune system, creates health issues and dims your true power.

Body Influencer . Life Influencer helps you put your stress back into perspective rather than it running your show. Detoxing the energetic, mental and emotional junk you no longer need to heal your body, heal your mind and heal your life. A life where you are your most powerful influencer and can switch on your natural medicine magic and embodied manifesting powers at will.

If you have experienced injury, are going through healing or rehab, have lost confidence in your body or ability or are experiencing chronic pain, and you want to maximise your healing potential, body confidence and performance, this is a must do!

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The missing piece of the puzzle to enhance healing to full completion is to release the energetic effects on your psyche and emotions from physical injury. This is often the step that is overlooked with healing and rehab and is one that can mean the difference between full strength and performance, and ongoing issues or injury recurrence.

Your brain directs your body and tells each part what to do. If you struggle with injury recurrence, chronic pain, loss of confidence in your body, ability or healing is not to completion, then it may be that the messages your brain is sending to your cells is the other thing to look at. Mind body are part of the one organism and when you address your healing from all areas to complement your practical approach, you can enhance your entire repair and rehabilitation process and bring healing to completion.

Body Rehab Accelerator helps you maximise your healing potential, body confidence and performance.

4 weeks, 4 x 1:1 sessions to maximise healing and recovery.

If you love to soak up a combination of science + soul and learn new ways to tap into your body brilliance to elevate your health, fulfilment, happiness, success, embodiment and how to manifest your hearts desires, this is a fab space for you.

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Body Brilliance is offered as an online live masterclass once a month where we come together in community, get you out of your head and into your body to add something useful and practical in your toolkit to understand your power more and turn on your medicine.

Each month we focus on a different topic, drawing from the pillars of Health & Immunity, Self-Healing, Happiness, Fulfilment, Pleasure, Bliss, Relationships, Success, Wealth, Manifesting and different aspects of life.

Mind Body elements plus a Soma Breath activation or meditation are featured in each masterclass. Your breath is connected to everything you feel, think and experience, so is a powerful gateway to turning on your natural medicine + manifesting potential. In these Masterclasses, I show you how to use your body brilliance to influence your life.

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Success Leaves Clues

Hear from women with desires just like you who are doing the work & transforming their lives

Gina Frances | Embodiment Guide & Womb Based Business Coach

“I am here to share with you all how fricking amazing Jodie Ross is, how much I love her, adore her and how much of a powerhouse woman, healer, coach and mentor she is.

She is magnetic and so genuine in her desire to serve and to support and is not only knowledgeable, but she is wise. She reminds you of your power and she shines a light to your light.

If you are watching this or wanting to work with Jodie in any way shape or form I say do it, go for it, get on any of her programs, one on one, her courses, her offerings, whatever it is I really recommend working with Jodie. Jodie I love you, Mwah!”

Sarah Finley | Kempi Temple

“To say that she is a miracle is a bit of an understatement. I have so much love, respect and appreciation for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help . . . 

“Jodie is just the most kind special caring loving person and she has helped me so much. I had been trying to heal myself from multiple traumas and went and saw different people and ended up just getting more traumatised by these people that I was trying to get help from and so I was really apprehensive. And then when I met Jodie, she just made me feel so safe. She just has this beautiful intuitive sense of what people need and where to direct them is absolutely so spot on. I healed so many things physically, I used to have chromic uti’s, thrush, I had abnormal pap smears, quite a few of them, and healed all of them completely naturally though the stuff that Jodie taught me.

So to say that she is a miracle is a bit of an understatement. I have so much love, respect and appreciation for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help, so if you do get the chance to work with her, I would absolutely recommend it. Thanks Jodes, love ya!”

“Coaching with Jodie is the ultimate gift of self-care & self-enlightenment . . .

I have dramatically improved my state of mind and mental health.

I can now see so clearly the direct links between what I consciously knew I should be able to implement in order to achieve my best life, with how unconsciously I had been dictated by default behaviours that had developed without my knowledge and without my fault through trauma previously experienced.

The shift in my thinking and happiness has been like walking outside in sunshine after years of looking out the window. I can live a more genuine day to day life, no more faking the good days. There are good days.”

Lucy A.

“Working with Jodie has given me the tools & support to truly dig deep within myself & accelerate both my growth & healing . . .

Seeing her is one way I give back and invest in myself. Personal growth and healing are not always the easy path, but with the beautiful guidance Jodie provides it is truly worth it.

I have been seeing Jodie on a regular basis for over a year now & our work has taken me on quite a journey. I have learnt so many skills I now use regularly to support myself.

Jodie is an amazing woman, she is warm, generous with her knowledge & the best listener you will ever meet. It is always so inspiring to spend time with someone who has found their true calling. If you find yourself here reading these words, take the leap and book an appointment with Jodie!”

Briody W.

“Jodie has taught me about embodiment. It’s revelationary and revolutionary!

Jodie is Love. She is one of the few people I know that is pure love emanating right through her. I have been in this field a long time. I have worked a lot with self-care, breathwork, yoga, with oils. I teach people about this, but what Jodie taught me and if I can put it in one word, it would be embodiment. Because she taught me how to embody alll of those tools.

She brings a structure and tools and a skill set that she teaches you in a framework that then you can embody it. So rather than it being a bit here and a bit there that you use, she teaches you how to bring it all into one framework to power you forward so that you can fully embody it. It’s revelationary and revolutionary!” I would urge you if you have found your way here, do it, work with her and find this place that i have found. Many blessings, namaste.”

Clare Savage | Zen Essentials

Let Me Support You

Whether you are looking for deep transformation with personalised coaching & mentoring, a group space with community to learn and evolve or are just dipping your toes in to self-work, I have something for you to help embody your brilliance and create the life you love. Are you ready?

My Mission

My mission is to lead from love and inspire an evolution where humans understand, trust and connect with their brilliance + infinite potential to heal and influence what goes on inside their body and outside in their life. Ultimately to create the version of themselves and the life they love and to imprint a legacy for the next generation.

Why? The whole world benefits as we each light up and have more to give – to ourselves, to each-other and to the planet – paving the way for future generations to grow up in-touch with their body, love and worth, to raise each other up and make this world a more beautiful place.