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How’s your relationship with money?

There’s 2 things that I truly believe:

  1. The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for everything else in life
  2. Life is always giving exactly the experiences we are programmed for & if we tune in & listen there is much we can do to change it if we want to

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a woman who really inspires me. I love her message & what she shares with the world so much & I really want to work with her.

The only thing (well I thought the only thing until we connected) standing in the way of that is money.

This generous & powerful woman gifted me a beliefs exercise around money. Now I have done many similar exercises before; I tap, tune into my limiting beliefs & the story I am telling myself, I affirm, raise my vibrational energy – all of that – a lot . . . like every day. 

Anyway, I did this exercise & so did my husband. Before yesterday I would have thought my relationship with money was ok, I have shifted my mindset around it a lot over the years to be that I love money, so what’s stopping me have more then?  . . . it’s not the amount of clients I have, the bills I pay or what I give away, it’s closer than that . . . it’s me!

Ok, whaaaat? Yep, it’s me. This exercise was so revealing, I was asked the question, then answered with the first thing that popped into my head . . . that’s my subconscious revealing what I really think, rather than what I think I think.

So, let’s just say it revealed a lot. How I have been relating to money deep down, in the programming of my mind & energy, is that underneath somewhere I was holding beliefs that I am not allowed to have it, I was scared to have it incase I lose it.


What does life do then?

Answers that call really well, by making sure I don’t have too much or provides a way for me to spend it so I don’t have it to lose. Doesn’t really sound like a recipe for financial wealth does it?

My husbands was quite different, his was more around when he has it, what to do if you are a good person is to give it all away. Well life has been answering that call too, he has earned some big bikkies in his career, yet our expenses, life, whatever, sure as anything always provides a way for us to give it away.

What a joint recipe we have been to not be able to have financial money wealth. We always have just enough to have what we need, but whenever more of it comes in, it’s short lived because between us, we have been programmed to believe we are not allowed to have it & if we do we must give it away.

Before doing this exercise, neither of us were aware that was going on for us. It’s old stuff, been there since childhood & not even what we think as adults, but the power of our subconscious mind is in that what our inner selves are programmed to believe is far more powerful than any affirmation we do or thought we may have.

It’s kind of like feeling sad but masking it with a smile, or if you have an old computer with old programs but you try & install a new app, it might kind of work, but often with glitches because the old program doesn’t support the new one. Flow & efficiency happen when the old program & the new one match each other & are working together.


This simplicity of any of it is, whatever we are an energy match for, is the experience life will deliver to confirm it.

It wasn’t money standing in my way – I love money – it was how I was relating to money by believing deep down that I am not allowed to have it & the vibrational energy that resonates with.

Now that I am aware, I can update my inner programming & therefore my energy so the little girl & the woman in me know that she’s safe & allowed to have financial wealth, that she’s worthy of it too. Imagine now when I tap, affirm & raise my vibrational energy as I do daily, matching the vibration of my deep-down subconscious beliefs, the wealthy experiences life will give me. How empowering!

This is the power of belief, this is the power of the relationship you have with yourself & this is the value in working with someone to ask you the questions you need in order to reveal what is really going on for you underneath the surface that stands in your way, so you can do something about it.

Thank you Sigrid Tasies for shining a light on this for me. I am aware. Thank you to Jana Alonso for helping me heal my original wound for this unconscious belief and thank you Gina Frances for introducing me to both women and for helping me connect to my own innate wisdom deeper than ever before. I love you xo.


Over to you . . .

If you’re being called to work with someone to shine a light on what might be standing in your way, or you want to evolve any part of the relationship you have with you, my 1:1 coaching & mentoring is ready for you & I’d love to hear from you.


I can’t wait to see you in there, Love Jodie xo.