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Okay, so I love a bit of spirituality and I love a bit of science. This article combines both and how you can practically apply it. Keep reading if this interests you too.

How often have you heard sayings like “good vibes” or “it’s all about your vibes baby!” “your vibe attracts your tribe” etc. These cute quotes are about more than a little woo woo magic, they are about science too. In fact, vibes which is short for vibration actually exist in every living thing, and the way we experience life in any moment has a lot to do with how fast or slow we are vibrating.

Did you know that every emotion you feel, thought you think and word you say have their own vibrational energy or frequency? And every cell of your body vibrates to the rhythm of this too. Even your food has a vibration . . . but that’s a conversation for another day.

That means everything you feel, think, say and ingest affects your energy and all the functions of your body.

Love, joy, fear, anger, sadness are all normal and necessary emotions that we feel as human beings. Each of them serves a purpose for us and they all operate on their own unique hertz frequency with a vibration that can be measured, just like a radio channel or a mobile phone tower that pick up the vibration waves that are heard as sound. When we feel the energy of emotions, we are literally tuning into the vibration of the love frequency or the fear frequency etc, just as if we were tuning into that channel on the radio or the rhythm of a musical note.

Have you noticed when you feel angry more things make you angry? or if you’re sad, everything seems low and harder? or when you feel happy, everything seems brighter and easier? One of the reasons for this is because you’re tuned into the vibrational frequency of that feeling – like a channel – and operating from the vibration which tunes you into experiencing it as a physical feeling which also attracts more of it to you like a magnet.

This is not necessarily good or bad – it just is, and becoming aware of this opens the opportunity for you to use it to your advantage if you want to.

What about words?

Same thing happens with thoughts and words. Words spoken aloud create sound and sound carries vibration. Think, sounds of the cinema or your car with loud music – you can actually feel it vibrate. The vibration of the words transmits energy and that is what we feel. Words spoken as self-talk inside your head still carry vibrational energy and that too is what we feel.

You can experiment with this by saying words and observing how you feel. Look for what feels comfortable or uncomfortable. Try saying words such as light, joy, yes, laugh, thank you, love, beach, plant, water, together, peace, harmony, amazing . . . how does that feel? Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Now try saying words like, hate, dark, no, crap, idiot, isolated, sick, neglected, disgust etc. How does that feel? Which words feel more comfortable or uncomfortable for you? Which ones feel like you are expanding and light or heavy and contracting? If there are ones that make you feel brighter, observe how you feel when you say them again now.

The words create a feeling huh? That feeling is energy and the reason you feel different energy with different words is because of the vibrational frequency they create. And when you feel it, so too does every cell in your body. This is what contributes to the state of your health, the state of your happiness and the state of your success.

The higher your vibrational energy, the lighter and brighter you feel. The lighter and brighter you feel, the more light and brightness you bring into your life, the lives of those around you, the world and also into every cell of your body.

Do you want to know something really cool? You can have conscious control over this and elevate your vibrational energy with the simplicity of the words you use and also with the way you breathe. You’ve just experienced the different feeling of words, so one way to raise your vibrational energy is to be conscious of the words that you think and say, and use the ones that feel good more. Another great way is with your breath.

Raising your vibrational energy with your breath.

When you do breathwork exercises and consciously breathe in a rhythm you can navigate your vibrational energy and nervous system state to where you want it to be. This has a cascading effect on the chemicals that circulate through your body to elevate the way you feel, influence your health, how long you live and how you experience life. Breath exercises are further enhanced with music and good intentions. All of this changes your vibrational energy – aka, your vibes.

Soma breathwork and energised meditation, crafted with specifically composed original music is so golden for this.

We know that music is sound so therefore it carries vibrational frequency and can instantly change the way you feel. This is because it has an instant effect on your vibration.

Breathing in beats to music and the breath holds of Soma influences the energy exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your system to promote health, change brainwaves and raise feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine – all of which help to activate your inner pharmacy to create high vibe states and elevate your L.O.V.E – Level Of Vibrational Energy. This brings your whole self into rhythm, has amazing effects on your body and enriches the way you experience life.

Imagine doing such simple things as Soma breathing exercises to really awesome music and using more good feeling words – the ones you think and the ones you say – how simple it could be to elevate your L.O.V.E – Level Of Vibrational Energy at any moment you choose, how liberating life would feel and what incredible possibilities you could create.

So . . . in the spirit of the title of this conversation, “It really is all about your vibes baby!”


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