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 Do you ever notice how the crappy stuff is easier to believe?

You could do 10 things right and one thing wrong and that’s the one you beat yourself up for.

10 people could love what you do and one doesn’t and that’s the one you focus on.

Well, there is nothing wrong with you for being this way. It does not mean you are a negative person. It’s a brain thing . . . It’s your biology!

It’s primal, it’s instinct. If your body has to choose between helping you survive or thrive which do you think it will choose?

Survival . . .  e v e r y   s i n g l e   t i m e. 

Insults & mistakes can feel like a threat,

and when you feel threatened you go into survival mode, just like if you were in a jungle knowing tigers are near.

Your instincts keep you on alert, looking out for the threat, on guard to alert you if it comes again.

This is why your thoughts can obsess over it, it’s why your heart can feel sad or scared, or your behaviour angry over it. It’s why you might want to hide, run away or fight back.

The thing is. Are these things really a threat? Do they actually threaten your existence, your right be alive & feel peace?

No they don’t. They are only a perceived threat. But your body does not know that. It doesn’t matter if the threat is real or imagined, your body still reacts the same way. Always, always and always first and foremost you are biologically hardwired for your instincts to protect you.

What do you do then?

You become aware of this.

You accept this is a survival instinct.

Rather than ask it to f*ck off, which just gears up the fight of survival mode even more, you thank your body for showing you what’s going on.

You breathe out long and slow to let your body know you are safe.

You acknowledge the story you are telling yourself & what you’re making it mean about you & decide if it’s even true.

You tap on your meridian points to wind down your alert bells & re-wire a redundant belief.

This lets your body and inner self know you are actually safe.

It is only when you feel internally safe that your body will switch you into thrive mode, receive mode, love mode, health mode, listen to the good stuff mode, allow the good stuff mode.

So, next time you are hard on yourself for not being able to ‘just get over it’

Remember your body is just trying to protect you, not punish you . . . Thank her, love her, make her feel safe, it is then that you are free to love you.

I believe this is the secret to manifesting too. Before you can switch your energy into being a match for what you want, if you spend some time creating safety inside, your body naturally will allow the good in then.

Love Jodie xo.


Over to you . . .

If you’re being called to work with someone to shine a light on what might be standing in your way, or help you move into thrive mode, love mode, allow the good stuff in mode, my 1:1 coaching & mentoring is ready for you & I’d love to hear from you.


I can’t wait to see you in there, Love Jodie xo.