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This is your personal invitation to liberate your potency and create a future of limitless possibilities!

Come and join this free LIVE masterclass to learn how to liberate those limits that have been holding you back and raise the glass ceiling on what you can achieve in your life and business with more ease.

In this masterclass you will learn a framework to raise the ceiling on what you can create and experience in life and liberate your future by opening up to new possibilities and potentials that are available for you. All using the gifts you already have and are.

No gimmicks or massive strategies, but a system of synergy to help you unlock the magic that you already are.

Designed to help you free yourself from limited conditioning, step into your greatness and liberate your potential to grow in self, business & life with more ease, success, impact, freedom, health AND sparkle.


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You were born with limitless potential

To create the life that you want. To heal yourself. To feel good. To be free to be the you that you choose to be. To express your soul & talents. To have radiant health + success + love + wealth + joy. To serve & share the business of your dreams. To create a positive impact in your own life & for humanity.

Everybody has it, but many of us have not been taught how to access this potential or if so, parts of it. The truth is, it takes a system, parts working in synergy together and it’s ongoing – a way of being.

I see people wanting to do so many great things in the world, expand their business, reach new heights, live a great life, improve their health and well-being and really want to help people, yet struggle with their own limitations, health or relationships that suffer, or when trying to grow, hold themselves back or only get so far. All of this is so normal, it is part of being human, and when you understand what is going on and what to do, you literally can liberate your future of limitless possibilities. 

In this masterclass I will reveal why most people only get so far with manifestation or mindset or the actions and doing of practical strategies, even with the best intentions, and what it really takes to tune your whole body and consciousness into being the powerful creator of the reality and way of being that you desire and love.

This framework can be applied to anything you choose – personal goals, business goals, relationships, health, wealth, joy, the method is the same, and the best part is, it’s all in you! You are the golden thread.

Sounds amazing, is this for me?

If you are a female entrepreneur, change maker, visionary, leader, coach, practitioner, mama or healer with a soul calling & desire to serve and support, who wants to liberate your own potency, potential and help others liberate theirs, this is for you.


and embody your true essence & the fullness of who you are here to be.

I am here to remind you of your amazingness (your biology & limitless potential beyond the fluff) and help shift culture.

Let’s do this!  Why wait any longer to be the fullest expression of your gifts, talents & who you are here to be.

Excited to see you there!

Jodie x.