Body Influencer . Life Influencer

Your 3 step access code

to unleash your magnificence & amplify your influencing superpowers

This lesson will take approximately 35 minutes and includes:

  • Bringing all the content you have learned together using the 3 steps of The Super Living Code®
  • 1. Practice  2. Edit  3. Focus
  • Practices: Unleash your Magnificence e-Book
Soma Breath

Bringing it all together 

The Super Living Code® is a recipe for success and can be applied to anything from your smallest intention to the greatest goals you have. It helps you turn struggle into ease and flow, and become an energy match for whatever it is that you want (to feel, think, be, do or to have). 

This offers you a simple way to embody what you have learned in B.I.L.I with a quick reference and awareness check-in. There are 3 areas you need to cover and they are equally as important as each other. You most likely often include 1 or 2 and possibly even 3 of these areas in your life, but it is when the 3 are combined that they supercharge each other, you unleash your magnificence and amplify your influencing superpowers

1. Practice

Practice refers to all of the ‘now you’ stuff. This step is our most common ‘go-to’. Practices are the practical things you are spending your time and energy on practicing every day. Most of us, when we are making efforts to be healthy, achieve goals or create changes apply practical strategies and lifestyle choices. They are very important, yet they are only one piece of the puzzle.

Ask yourself if your current practices and where you invest and spend your energy and time are helping you create the you and the life that what you want?

What Practices may look like in your world:

All of your B.I.L.I Practices, Soma Breath, breathing techniques, nervous system balance, stress reduction techniques, nutrition, conscious eating, movement, exercise, doing what you love, practicing pleasure, practicing love, embodiment practices, gratitude, menstrual medicine, soul modes, dancing, yoga, pilates, sports, work-outs, floating, swimming, work that lights you up, projects that light you up, laughter, tapping, meditation, emotional processing, acupuncture, walking, physio. chiro, massage, being kind to yourself & others, nourishing environment, listening to &/or playing music, podcasts, art, reading, watching TV, gardening, surfing, skiing, seeing wellness practitioners & coaches, having a nourishing mindset & nourishing daily routines etc.

2. Edit

Edit refers to the ‘past you’ stuff. It is the story you are telling yourself and the messages that your cells receive, based on what has been recorded in your subconscious mind from your life experiences and conditioning – how you have been programmed.

As we have discussed often throughout this program, some of the stuff we tell ourselves, we are not even aware of because it is subliminal and hardwired into the way we operate and interact with ourselves and the world. It is expressed as stress, physical symptoms, chemical processes, self-talk, beliefs, emotional reactions, feelings, behaviour, and just generally what we think is true and that we are capable of. This underpins everything that is happening for you.

Remember there is a difference between what you think and try to convince yourself of, with what you truly believe. If what you want and what you truly believe are not on the same page, then this is what needs to be edited.

How you can edit your story:

This is the step that is most often overlooked when we are trying to create changes in our life but is one that is SUPER important, as it unlocks the resistance and allows ease and flow. To edit your story or the chemical messages to your body cells, it is important to work with a technique or modality that helps you access your subconscious mind and bring your programming out of the past and up to date with what present day you thinks and believes. There are many ways to do this, I have shared my favourite ones in the B.I.L.I practices such as What’s my story? Tapping, Soma Breath etc. The trick is to be aware, be consistent and when you meet resistance, get curious and see if there is some editing to do.*

*IMPORTANT: There truly is so much healing and editing of your story you can do yourself and it is important that you do, however, for deeper healing required, (especially if related to past trauma) please work with a professional practitioner for the most comfortable experience.

3. Focus

Focus refers to the ‘future you’ stuff and what you are focusing your energy and intention on. We have discussed this plenty in B.I.L.I too, especially in the previous module of Intention and Embodiment.

This step is applied a lot these days, especially if you practice mental and emotional rehearsal, use vision boards, mind movies and manifesting style meditation. Think about if you are focusing your energy and intention on what you want or are you replaying the old stories or focusing on what you don’t want? You know now that what you focus on expands and that your energy goes to whatever you put your attention on, so if you put your attention on what you want, you are one step closer to creating it.

This is so important for a few reasons. It teaches your brain a new familiar ahead of the event. Remember your brain likes familiar and will always try to take you there. That’s why crappy habits can often return, because your subconscious isn’t judgmental, it doesn’t know if your familiar is good or not good, it just knows it as familiar, which feels safe. Then your brain and body will do their best to keep doing whatever the familiar is.

Focusing on what you want and mentally and emotionally rehearsing it creates new brain, heart and body connections. You tune your R.A.S filtering system and your vibrational energy into a new familiar that your brain and body recognise as safe, allowing you to create and attract the new with more ease.

Focus strategies you could use:

Decide what you want (to: feel, think, be, do, have), & focus your energy, intention & attention on creating that. My faves are: B.I.L.I embodiment practices to be in the energy of what you decide, SOMA Breath to raise vibrations with meditation & guided imagery, vision boards, mind movies, mantra’s, intention setting, mental & emotional rehearsal.

1 + 2 + 3 = Amplify your power

When you really want to amplify your influencing superpowers it is really important to bring what you are doing, what you believe and what you can imagine into harmony.

The simplest way to think of this is . . . the actions, beliefs and dreams of – the ‘now you’ – need to be in harmony with the beliefs and truths that have been created over your life – the ‘past you’ – and the actions, beliefs and dreams of what you want – the ‘future you’.

When there is mismatch there is struggle. When there is alignment and harmony, there is ease and supercharge! You become an energy match for what you want.

1+2+3 = Unleash your Power

When you combine the 3 steps of The Super Living Code® 1.Practice, 2. Edit and 3. Focus, that is what you are doing. Each step helps the other one work with so much more impact, they supercharge each other! They make you an energy match for what you want and bring your whole operating system into harmony according to your present day beliefs, values and intentions. You unlock your natural medicine, can re-wire the chemistry of your body and amplify your influential super powers to create a life you love


In this module you learned:


  • About your 3 step code to access your medicine and influencing superpowers
  • The Super Living Code® 1.Practice  2.Edit  3.Focus
  • How to apply all that you have learned using The Super Living Code® to be your own Body Influencer and Life Influencer to create the you and the life you love living in

What now?

  • Spread your wings and fly!
  • Re-read Unleash your Magnificence
  • Refer to any of the content as you need it and implement the practices from your Complete Practices Library into your daily life – remember the difference between information and transformation is how you embody it

Tips for your practices

  • Self check-in often. Be curious and be kind to yourself, have compassionate awareness and continue in the direction you want to go
  • Remember what you practice you get better at and what you focus on expands. You are manifesting all day long whether you consciously intend to or not, and by implementing all you have learned in B.I.L.I you get to focus your energy on what you want to create

It’s time to celebrate you now and embody the magnificent woman you are!

So much love, Jodie  xo.


Please take a moment to download & read Unleash your Magnificence here xo.

If you have not read it yet, reading it now will bring more clarity to this module. If you have already read it, you may also like to re-read it again now. This book will help bring The Super Living Code® to life for you and will probably mean even more to you now than when you began Body Influencer · Life Influencer, as now you are familiar with all of the information. Reading it again will reinforce all that you have learned and demonstrate simply how to bring it all together in your daily life with a 1+2+3 process.

PLEASE NOTE: For quick access, you can now locate all practices from this program in your Complete B.I.L.I Practices Library.