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Soma Breath

Activate your inner magic 

One of the most effective ways to work with your inner woman and activate your inner magic and alchemy to influence what is going on inside your body is with Soma Breath.

Soma Breath is a complete holistic health and well-being system. It combines various ancient pranayama breathing techniques with modern technology, music, science, vocal toning and meditation to regulate your nervous system and activate your inner pharmacy of natural medicine. You can create peak states for health, healing, bliss, sensuality, well-being and elevate your L.O.V.E (Level Of Vibrational Energy) in minutes.

The unique combination of Soma practices get you beyond your mind and into your body. You embody your magic as it becomes a physical experience. The meditation becomes feelings as you activate your inner pharmacy and release hormones and chemicals of pleasure, bliss, peace, love and ecstasy into your bloodstream and into your cells. It’s that good! 

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Your natural medicine

The best natural medicine in the world is already in you, it’s inside your body. The word ‘Soma’ literally means body. When you connect with your inner woman, practicing Soma Breath, you can learn how to access your inner pharmacy and release the natural medicine you already have inside.

Soma is the BEST practice I have ever found for changing your energetic state quickly and activating good feelings. It has been created by Niraj Naik – The Renegade Pharmacist, who overcame his own health issues and manifested his biggest dreams by using Soma Breathwork practices, and today helps thousands of people by sharing the same practices.

What else can you experience with Soma?

  • A daily health, well-being and high vibe practice
  • Empowerment for your health and energetic state
  • Oxygen efficiency: your cells actually receive more life giving oxygen
  • Better tolerance for carbon dioxide
  • Mental and physical resilience to stress
  • Balance your nervous system: switch off stress, switch on relax mode or create more energy quickly
  • Increased cardiovascular health: more stamina, endurance, better fitness
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Release stem cells
  • Improve chronic health issues
  • Deep states of meditation
  • Increased mind-body wholeness
  • More connection with your inner woman as you awaken to your true self
  • Elevated L.O.V.E – Level of Vibrational Energy
  • Ecstatic bliss
  • Increased sensuality
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Mind reprogramming and self hypnosis to re-wire outdated subconscious beliefs and imprint new ones
  • Calmer, clearer mind: better decisions
  • Emotional processing and release
  • Unleash your sex magic
  • Master manifesting with guided imagery and raising vibrations to create peak states for manifesting your hearts desires


and more . . . your breath can truly set you free!

How amazing is that by altering the rhythm and rate at which you breath, you can activate such healing and feel good magic!

I love Soma so much, and my favourite thing about it is you become your own magical guru and alchemist as you learn to practice it in as little as 20 minutes a day or longer if you love the meditation part of it.

Experience Soma Breath in 

Jodie Ross | Super Living | 1+2+3 = Super You
Soma Breath

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Soma Breath

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