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I would have told you that I loved and valued myself, until I realised I didn’t really, not underneath the surface anyway. I was actually not really showing myself love and care at all, but pushing myself to achieve and succeed and be available for everyone who needed me. I was most certainly not listening to my own needs and my body, and as life does, gave me experiences to make me listen.

I experienced a major shock at the age of 23 when I was travelling and feeling very vulnerable and then again, another shock at the age of 35 after the birth of my first baby and becoming a mother, that made me question everything that I ever was.

Both times, many years apart were really hard. I doubted who I was, the thoughts I had, my place in the world, and I really questioned everything about myself. Anxiety and self-doubt were triggered big time for me, I felt scared, I felt like a failure and I felt like my body had let me down.

The truth

Now I know that none of those things were the truth, they were all consequences of internal stress, shock, fear, disconnection to myself and stories that I was telling myself due to hidden beliefs and conditioning that had been there since childhood that I had not really heard the signs to listen to before then.

Fast forward 12 years, after years of studies, personal healing & evolution and learning how to truly love myself & embody the magic I was born with, this is what I now know . . .

Everything I ever needed to feel how I want to and create what I want was always right there inside of me and it’s inside of you too, just got to learn how to listen within, connect and activate it.


Turning your loving attention in

Turning my loving attention inwards allowed me to discover and embody my own magic and be able to lean in to trust and flow rather than push, hard work and seeking validation of my worth outside of me. By fulfilling my own emotional needs, trusting my body and loving the parts of me I had been denying my whole life (without realising), I reclaimed my power and deeply strengthened my relationship with myself – all of me – my body, my mind, my soul and my life.

I truly love, support and value the woman in the mirror now, and I have more to give to every other relationship I have because of it – how I relate to me, my body, you, my husband, my children, my business, friends, family, challenges, success, happiness, money, hopes, and aspirations . . . all of it.


You are your own healing life elixir, magic and medicine woman.

Even though I’m grateful for all of my experiences because they have helped me grow, I wish I had have known how to embody my magic years ago, which is what inspires me to share it all with you.

Why? This is how we do our bit to help change the world. When we connect, love + value ourselves more, the whole world benefits as we have more to give – to ourselves and to others – paving the way for future generations to grow up always knowing their magical, loving worth, raise each other up and make this world a more beautiful place.


If you’re being called to work with someone to shine a light on what might be standing in your way, or you want to evolve any part of the relationship you have with you, my 1:1 coaching & mentoring is ready for you & I’d love to hear from you.


I can’t wait to see you in there, Love Jodie xo.