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Do ever catch your inner talk and are surprised by what you are saying to yourself because it is so different to what you think you believe? This is how I experienced this recently and you might relate to.

I was getting an article ready to post on my business Instagram and was struggling a little bit with how to say what I wanted to say. There’s so much content around and people who seem to know what they want to say, that unaware of what I was doing, rather than post, I retreated, said nothing and didn’t even realise that somewhere inside, I was saying to myself, “you’re not special enough.”

Um, whaaat!?” I don’t even consciously think that at all, quite the opposite in fact. I believe and know we are all special enough, there’s room for us to all be noticed, be heard and to resonate with whoever our peeps are, so when I noticed what the little voice inside my mind was saying, I was like, oh!

Why is what I think I believe so different to what I’m unconsciously saying to myself?

I know why and you might know too.

It’s because of old belief patterns that are imprinted into my mind that play like a recording on loop in the background of my life without me even being aware. You may have experienced it too with things like;

“I’m good enough to get that job” but the doubt in your head says, “no you’re not.”

“I’m beautiful as I am” but the voice in your head says, “you’ll be beautiful when you’re not fat.”

“I love myself, of course I do” but when you stuff up and make a mistake you catch yourself thinking or saying, “you idiot!” or being really hard on yourself.

Aarrghhh it can be exhausting, confronting even, when you know you’ve done so much healing work and you’re STILL finding those crappy old hidden beliefs playing.

The truth is, if you can catch them, they’re a gift because they’re showing you what part of you needs loving.

What do you do then? . . .

The trick is to validate and acknowledge those feelings, thoughts and self-talk, and consciously ask yourself if it’s even true?

Adult me knows it’s not but somewhere inside there’s a younger version of me who decided that was true and is longing for my love.

What do I do? . . .

I tap on my meridian points to tune into my subconscious mind and induce relaxing hormones. When I breathe, I exhale long and slow to switch my nervous system state into safety, and I acknowledge my inner child or inner woman who felt those things. Let her know I know I hear her, she matters, and it’s ok she felt that way. Then I love her, tell her what I needed to hear back then (and now) and that is, “you are special to me, tell me, I want to hear, tell me what you’ve got to say.”

You know what this does? It allows your subconscious mind to edit that old story, because that old part of you now has what they’ve needed all this time so the message can change.

You bring your old self and now self into harmony, together with understanding love.

You rescue yourself. You heal yourself. You love yourself.

Then you look forward and bring into focus what you want to feel and how good it feels that you do.

This is what I did for me, I do for me, all in the space of 15 minutes and you can too.

From this moment forward I intend to always know I’m special enough and say what matters to me and trust that if you need to hear it, you’ll find me and my message and it will resonate with you too.

You are special enough and I am special enough too.