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The answers you seek are right in front of you (or inside you actually) because your body tells your story every moment of the day with whatever physical, emotional, mental or social symptoms you experience.

When you can understand the magnificently intimate and wise connection between your physical body, your mind, your soul & your life and how to listen & connect with them, you find true love and there is so much you can do to have empowerment for your health, your well-being, your energetic state and your life.

All of those things are parts of the whole being that is you and it’s more simple than you realise to bring it all together.

What do you mean messages?

Some example might be . . . Feeling angry at your kids for not listening? What part of you did not feel listened to as a child and needs your loving attention now? Guts churning and experiencing digestive issues? What part of life is hard to digest? Your kids got recurring ear infections? What are they trying to hear or un-hear? Ovary issues? What are you feeling a sense of loss over or trying to create new life in? Issues with your breasts? What is causing you excessive worry or do you feel separated or disconnection to?

Every single tissue in your body has a biological purpose and reason for being there and it is always working for you trying to self-regulate . . . aaaaand, your body does not know the difference between something that really happens or the feelings that are created by the thought of something happening, your tissues and your nervous system will respond anyway.

Yep! Think about what happens when you think of your favourite food, does your mouth get more saliva? or you think of someone that annoys you, do your shoulders tense or stomach twist? Just the thought can create the physical reaction. That’s because your thoughts, feelings, cells, experiences are all a part of the whole being that is you and they all interplay and affect each other.

What do you do then?

Get out of your head and into your body. Drop in. Ground. Get out of your own way actually.

When you can understand that you are your own magic, life elixir and medicine and if you tune in and listen, your body and your life are showing you exactly what you need and how to work that to your advantage, you have the POWER to heal, reverse health conditions – find the gifts in them even – or create anything that you dare to bring into focus. 

Your magic is in you in the form of your breath, your energy, your mindset, your emotions, your beliefs, your hormones and your body chemistry, and it’s in you in the form of your connection to your divine whole-self and the alchemy that you have inside.

You have the ability to unleash your infinite potential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, happiness + pleeeeeasureeeee, it’s your keys.


Over to you . . .

If you’re looking to unlock your keys to heal your whole-self my 1:1 coaching & mentoring is ready for you & I’d love to hear from you.


I can’t wait to see you in there, Love Jodie xo.