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Hi there beautiful soul, and welcome

I am Jodie Ross

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a special life elixir? That magical potion that makes you have to work less ’hard’ and live with more ease and flow? Feel more connected, healthy, radiant and free to be you, without some thing holding you back or feeling fully alive inside?

Beautiful woman, you already have it, yep, that’s right . . .  Your life elixir is YOU!  . . . YOU are your magic!

The best medicine in the world is in you. You are your own healer, pharmacist, alchemist, magician, guru, goddess, queen, bff and master manifestor. Your body is literally your own pharmacy waiting to be activated, and your inner woman holds the keys to activating it. She holds they keys to your health, your worth, your personal freedom, your confidence, your power, your wealth, your pleasure, your happiness, your success and even your ecstatic bliss.

Connecting with your inner woman gives you freedom and empowerment over your health, your energetic state and your life.

If you are looking to deepen your connection with your self, reclaim your power + embody your inner woman magic to influence what goes on inside your body and out, I am here for you. If you are ready to live as your most radiantly alive, unconditionally powerful, loving, true beautiful self, expanding your impact in your own life and the world, I am here for you, and I invite you to join me and explore the useful goodness that awaits you.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Love Jodie xo.

Jodie Ross | Unleash your magnificence

woman | lover | mama | wife | sister | daughter | friend | entrepreneur | women’s empowerment & health coach | soma breathwork & energised meditation instructor | eft tapping practitioner | educator  | inner woman natural medicine woman | author of unleash your magnificence | creator of the super living code

Your magic

        is in you in the form of your breath, your energy, your mindset, your emotions, your beliefs, your hormones and your body chemistry, and it’s in you in the form of your connection to your divine whole self and the alchemy that you have inside.

You are your own healing and life elixir, it’s in you waiting. I am here to help you to connect with your inner woman and embody the magical wisdom you were born with, to unleash your infinite potential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and happiness.

Together, we combine science + soul through coaching, education and super powerful healing and well-being practices to help you heal, evolve, activate your inner woman goddess magic and liberate your life.

 My beliefs    

I could tell you a bunch of official stuff about me and it’s all there in about Jodie if you want to see it, but what I really want you to know about me is who I am, why I am here and what you get by working with me.

I believe that we are the creators of our lives and that in any given moment we are experiencing exactly what we are meant to, to evolve – even the tough stuff. We don’t always realise it at the time – and some people never do – but if we pause, take a breath, lean in, trust and listen; our bodies, our minds, our souls, our lives are reflecting back to us exactly who we are being and showing us what we need.

I also believe that we are born with all the magic that we ever need inside but somewhere along the way a lot of it gets conditioned out, and I am here to help you listen and condition your magic back in. Your body literally is a pharmacy of natural medicine that you have the ability to activate when shown how.

My Mission

You are your own healing life elixir, magic and medicine woman.

When you work with me, whether in programs & workshops, 1:1 coaching & mentoring, membership & community, my writing, social media or simply connecting with my message, it is my mission to lead from love and guide you to connect with your inner woman, become your own magical goddess guru, lover + leader, so that you know how to activate your natural medicine magic for healing, inner freedom + empowerment for your health, your energetic state and your life.

To be the most radiant, true and influential version of you in this lifetime, leaning in to courage, trust, compassion and acceptance as you develop the most fulfilling, loving + empowered relationship with yourself – all of you – your body, your mind, your soul and your life. 

Why? . . . Because when you are loving you, the whole world benefits.

When you come from  love you raise people up. When you raise people up you raise the  world up.

Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Work with Me

Magical woman

I am super excited to support you in your journey of embodying your inner woman wisdom and magical self.

When working with me, we focus on all things related to the innate powers of you and your inner woman. This is the sacred place of connection between your spirit and your body that unleashes the powers that you were born with before you were conditioned to be unaware of them. Your inner woman knows everything that you need to unlock your full potential for whole-self health and love and I am here to teach you to tune in, listen and learn how to work with her so that you can live as your radiant, unconditionally powerful, loving, true, beautiful, healthy self, expanding your impact in your own life and the world.

We are all unique, so I have created a number of options for you to choose from to work with me. See what feels good for you. You can choose one, choose two or choose all three – whatever suits you and lights you up the most to remember your natural born gifts and unleash your infinite potential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, love and happiness. 

Check it out

Jodie Ross | Super Living | 1+2+3 = Super You

Testimonial Love

Coaching with Jodie is the ultimate gift of self-care and self-enlightenment . . .

I have dramatically improved my state of mind and mental health.

I can now see so clearly the direct links between what I consciously knew I should be able to implement in order to achieve my best life, with how unconsciously I had been dictated by default behaviours that had developed without my knowledge and without my fault through trauma previously experienced.

The shift in my thinking and happiness has been like walking outside in sunshine after years of looking out the window.

I can live a more genuine day to day life, no more faking the good days. There are good days.

Lucy A.

Seeing Jodie has changed the course of my life . . .

I began attending sessions with Jodie in a very emotionally fragile, exhausted state when I had a mental breakdown and reproductive health issues galore…PCOS, irregular periods, abnormal pap tests, pain during sex, thrush, UTI’s, you name it.

In over 10 years, Jodie was the first practitioner who I felt safe with. She was clear, kind and intuitive in knowing what and how much I could handle throughout our journey together. Not once did I feel judged, afraid or coaxed into believing what she thought was going on, she guided me to figure it out on my own. 

From then on I knew it was possible to feel safe, comfortable and to trust myself.

After a few years of abnormal pap smears and scary tests, I have reversed most of my reproductive health issues and I no longer have abnormal cells in my cervix. All healthy! Sex is truly pleasurable again and my creative juices flow into the other areas of my life now.

I cannot thank Jodie enough for all she has given me. Seeing her has quite literally changed the course of my life, for that I am forever grateful.

Sarah F.

Working with Jodie has given me the tools and support to truly dig deep within myself and accelerate both my growth and healing . . .

Seeing her is one way I give back and invest in myself.

Personal growth and healing are not always the easy path, but with the beautiful guidance Jodie provides it is truly worth it.

I have been seeing Jodie on a regular basis for over a year now & our work has taken me on quite a journey. I have learnt so many skills I now use regularly to support myself.

Jodie is an amazing woman, she is warm, generous with her knowledge & the best listener you will ever meet. It is always so inspiring to spend time with someone who has found their true calling.

If you find yourself here reading these words, take the leap and book an appointment with Jodie!

Briody W.

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