What if the keys to your

Health & Empowerment

are already inside of you?

What would change for you then?

Want to learn how to unlock your magic?

Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Hey gorgeous soul, welcome

I am Jodie Ross

Holistic Health & Empowerment Coach, Educator, Mama of two, Lover and Everyday Woman. I’m here for heart-led humans & feminine leaders ready to transform struggle into ease, unlock their natural medicine magic and be their own healer & greatest influencer.

Do you want to have more influence in what goes on inside your body and outside in your life without some ‘thing’ holding you back or feeling fully alive inside? Or wish you had some sort of superpower that makes life less ’hard’, so you can live with more ease & flow?

Babe, you already have it. Your superpower is you. You are your  magic!

We are born with all of the natural medicine magic we ever need, it’s inside us. But along the way we lose touch with it. I’ve been there myself. I lost total trust in my body and sense of self. After learning to re-connect with, understand and embody my natural medicine magic, I am here to help you do the same.

It’s your time to embody your magic sister!

 with so much love,Jodie xo.

The best medicine in the world is in you!

Your body is literally your own pharmacy of natural medicine magic waiting to be activated, and you hold the keys to activating it!

Together, we combine science + soul to help you activate your innate superpowers & natural medicine for living well with whole-self health, joy and rich fulfilment

My Mission

My mission is to lead from love and inspire an evolution where humans understand, trust and connect with their magnificence + infinite potential to heal and influence what goes on inside their body and outside in their life. Ultimately to create the version of themselves and the life they love and to imprint a legacy for the next generation.

Why? This is how we do our bit to help change the world. When we trust, connect with + love ourselves more, the whole world benefits as we light up and have more to give – to ourselves and to others – paving the way for future generations to grow up always knowing their magical loving worth, raise each other up and make this world a more beautiful place.

Jodie Ross | Super Living, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Work with Me

I am super excited to support you in your journey of embodying your inner healer and powerful self.

We are all unique, so I have created a number of options for you to choose from to work with me. See what feels good for you. You can choose one, choose two or choose all three – whatever suits you and lights you up the most to remember your natural born gifts and unlock your infinite potential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, love and happiness. 

Check it out

Jodie Ross | Super Living | 1+2+3 = Super You

Testimonial Love

Coaching with Jodie is the ultimate gift of self-care and self-enlightenment . . .

I have dramatically improved my state of mind and mental health.

I can now see so clearly the direct links between what I consciously knew I should be able to implement in order to achieve my best life, with how unconsciously I had been dictated by default behaviours that had developed without my knowledge and without my fault through trauma previously experienced.

The shift in my thinking and happiness has been like walking outside in sunshine after years of looking out the window.

I can live a more genuine day to day life, no more faking the good days. There are good days.

Lucy A.

Seeing Jodie has changed the course of my life . . .

I began attending sessions with Jodie in a very emotionally fragile, exhausted state when I had a mental breakdown and reproductive health issues galore…PCOS, irregular periods, abnormal pap tests, pain during sex, thrush, UTI’s, you name it.

In over 10 years, Jodie was the first practitioner who I felt safe with. She was clear, kind and intuitive in knowing what and how much I could handle throughout our journey together. Not once did I feel judged, afraid or coaxed into believing what she thought was going on, she guided me to figure it out on my own. 

From then on I knew it was possible to feel safe, comfortable and to trust myself.

After a few years of abnormal pap smears and scary tests, I have reversed most of my reproductive health issues and I no longer have abnormal cells in my cervix. All healthy! Sex is truly pleasurable again and my creative juices flow into the other areas of my life now.

I cannot thank Jodie enough for all she has given me. Seeing her has quite literally changed the course of my life, for that I am forever grateful.

Sarah F.

Working with Jodie has given me the tools and support to truly dig deep within myself and accelerate both my growth and healing . . .

Seeing her is one way I give back and invest in myself.

Personal growth and healing are not always the easy path, but with the beautiful guidance Jodie provides it is truly worth it.

I have been seeing Jodie on a regular basis for over a year now & our work has taken me on quite a journey. I have learnt so many skills I now use regularly to support myself.

Jodie is an amazing woman, she is warm, generous with her knowledge & the best listener you will ever meet. It is always so inspiring to spend time with someone who has found their true calling.

If you find yourself here reading these words, take the leap and book an appointment with Jodie!

Briody W.

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